My Dog Won’t Jump on the Bed Anymore

Puppies love jumping on everything and can even jump on you. Your puppy does that to show excitement, prove dominance, and as a way of burning off extra energy. If you have a pup, expect him to be jumping on the bed, especially if he needs some petting from you.

But if your pup won’t jump on the bed, you’ll worry, more so if he’s been doing so. What will you do, and why won’t he jump on the bed? Read on to understand the reason why your canine won’t jump on the bed and ways to help him out.

Your Puppy Could Be Having Injuries on His Limbs

If your puppy has been jumping on the bed and then did stop it, maybe he’s having injuries on the limbs. With the injuries jumping will be uncomfortable because of the pain he’ll experience afterward. The injury might result from a bad landing while jumping on the bed, an accident, or a wound. Be keen to check where the pain is coming from, like if he’s got an injury on the back or in his hips. If you see that, call the vet to help your puppy recover well. You can also introduce a ramp to help your pup reach the bed and to avoid experiencing pain.

Past Experience

Suppose your hound had a bad experience on the bed that can make him not jump. For example, he did try jumping but accidentally missed the target, landing down getting injuries. Such experience will make him avoid hopping on the bed since he knows a repeat is likely to occur. If someone has been beating or chasing your canine, he jumps on the bed anytime he might stop doing so. To make your pup not have accidents while jumping on the bed, ensure the floors are always dry. It would help if you also talked to the person that doesn’t like your puppy on the bed to let him be.

Your Puppy Might Not Know How to Jump

If you have a younger pup who hasn’t yet leant how to jump, it can be challenging for him to do so. It can be worse if your puppy is all alone and can’t learn from others. Suppose it’s an older pup not jumping on the bed; it could be that he was never taught how to jump while young. To help change the situation, teach your hound how to jump on the bed. To make it a bit easier, use his favorite treats to make him cooperative.

Your Pup’s Health Might Be the Reason

Some health conditions can prevent your hound from jumping on the bed. If he has arthritis because of old age, his muscles might be stiffer, making jumping hard. With arthritis, your pup might also add weight since the condition can’t allow him to exercise. Another circumstance that can make him not jump on the bed has tick-borne disease. From this disease, your canine might get diseases from the ticks that feed on his blood. 

An example is Lyme disease which will make him have swellings on his joints or even limp. Having such conditions will make jumping unbearable for your pup. To help him call the vet and let them do tests to confirm your fears. You can also have tick preventive measures to protect your puppy from them.

There’s Something About the Bed Scaring Your Pet from Jumping on It

It could be that the bed is a bit high, making him fear the height. For this reason, he might fear jumping on the bed, knowing that failure to reach it will make him fall. Another reason that can make him fear jumping is the location of the bed. If the bed is in a scary place, he may never jump on it. And if there are strangers where the bed is, your pup might fear jumping because of the new faces he’s seeing. To help him overcome his fears, make your pup familiarize himself with the area where the bed is. 


If your puppy can’t jump on the bed, don’t force him into doing so because it can make him uncomfortable. Instead, look for the root cause and help him out. If it’s a serious problem, let the vet intervene. 

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