My Dog Won’t Kiss Me but Kisses Others

Dogs have various ways of showing their affection to humans, one of which is kissing. Unfortunately, this way of showing affection is more complicated in dogs than in humans. On the one hand, you may realize that your dog does not love it when you move closer to his face to try and kiss him. On the other hand, your dog may kiss other people but fail to kiss you. This may make you jealous and sad, especially if you are the one who takes care of the dog. However, before you accuse your dog of being unfair, find possible reasons why your dog hates kissing you. Read on for more information on this.

Why Does Your Dog Kiss Other People and Fail to Kiss You?

Whether you love or hate kisses from dogs, you feel happy knowing that your dog wants to kiss you. This is why it is frustrating to see your dog kissing other people but does not kiss you. There are several reasons why your dog may hate kissing you even if he loves you. Some of the possible reasons are:

You Are on Certain Medications or Drugs

It is possible that your dog hates to kiss you because of the drugs that you take. One of the main reasons why dogs kiss people is because they smell or taste nice. Therefore, if the drugs or medicines make you smell or taste bad, your dog will avoid kissing you. Even if you have a fresh breath, your dog can detect the scents inside your body and avoid kissing.

You Respond Negatively When Kissed

Another reason why dogs kiss people is to get a positive response from them. For this reason, if your dog once attempted to kiss you, but you had a negative reaction, he will most likely avoid kissing you again. You probably gave him the wrong faces or failed to give him what he expected to get from you. Such reasons will make the dog kiss those who respond positively to their kisses instead of kissing you.

The Products That You Are Using on Your Body

Remember that dogs have a strong sense of smell and can detect scents that humans cannot. This means that your dog may avoid kissing you because of a scent that you have on your body. Probably the soaps or cologne that you use has an unpleasant smell for the dog. In this case, even if your dog loves you, he will hate kissing you or getting too close to you.

How Can You Encourage Your Dog to Kiss You?

It sure is frustrating to see that you are the only person your dog hates kissing and licking. Luckily, it is possible to encourage your dog to be more affectionate with you. Some of the ways through which you can do this are:

Find Out Why Your Dog Hates Kissing You

As seen above, there are several reasons why your dog may hesitate to kiss you. Identifying the reason why your dog does not love kissing you is the first step towards changing this. For instance, you can change the products that you use and see if this works. Additionally, if you are on drugs, reduce how much you use them and see whether this helps your dog.

Spend More Playtime with Him

If you are ever serious around your dog, he will avoid doing playful things such as kissing and licking you. Therefore, try and adjust how you behave when you are around him. Set aside some time to play with him and show him that you are fun. Additionally, bring him what he loves, such as toys or kibble, and he responds by being more friendly and affectionate with you.

Reward and Praise

Like kids, dogs love it when they get rewarded and praised. For this reason, as soon as your dog tries to get closer to you, reward and praise him. Do this even if he did not kiss you, but he showed some affection. With time you will lure him to moving even closer to you and eventually kissing you. Keep the rewards and praise flowing when he kisses you until he completely changes his attitude towards you.


Do not be quick to conclude that your dog hates you if he kisses other people and avoids kissing you. It is possible that he also wishes to have a chance to kiss you, but the circumstances are unfavorable. Spend more time with him and try to be closer to him, and this will eventually earn you the kisses you look forward to having from your dog.

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