My Dog’s Balls Didn’t Drop

Most dog owners are happy to see their pet physically sound. However, this is not usually the case because sometimes a pup can be born with various defects. One of the flaws you may notice in your pup is balls not dropping in male dogs. The area around the scrotum where the testicles are supposed to drop or descend remains flat.

According to dog experts, the average age of balls dropping in the scrotum area is six months. When your pup is this old, you should be able to see and feel both testicles. The question is, what if the balls don’t drop by this age? Should this be a health concern? And is there a treatment for this condition? To learn more about testicles not descending, ensure that you read this post to the end.

Is This Normal or a Health Concern?

Dog’s balls not dropping down into the scrotal area is not normal but a health concern. According to vet experts, it is a condition known as cryptorchidism, also called undescended testis. Such a problem requires specialized medication to correct it.

Signs That Your Dog’s Ball Have Dropped?

Signs of balls not dropping are many. However, the most apparent symptom is your dog not having any testicles. It means that the area around the scrotum where the testicles are supposed to drop is plain or flat.

What are the Long-Term Effects of the Balls Not Dropping?

While you may think that your dog’s balls not dropping is not something to worry about, this condition can expose your pup to serious health risks. When the dog’s testicles don’t descend, it means that your pup has cryptorchidism. It is a genetic condition that a male pup inherits from the father.

According to vet experts, this disorder needs neutering to get rid of the trait. If not, it may render your pup infertile. Dog specialists say that if the testicles don’t drop, they will produce testosterone but may not produce sperms. So, if both balls don’t descend, it will affect your dog’s fertility.

Balls not dropping can also lead to testicular cancer or torsion. It is one of the clinical signs associated with cancer of the testicles, although it depends on the specific type of cancer. According to pet specialists, cancer of the testicles is one of the most reported health concerns in dogs. It makes the dog experience weight loss and severe abdominal pain. It can also shut down the internal organs.

Why a Dog with Detained Balls Requires Medical Attention?

If you have a male dog, the right time for the balls dropping is when the pup is about two months old and the latest six months. So, if your male dog within this age bracket has not yet dropped the balls into the scrotum area, you need to take your pup to a vet specialist. Vets recommend immediate neutering and removal of the retained testicles immediately. The reason is that if left that way, it is likely to develop a cancerous tumor on the balls.

Medication and Treatment

Breeding of cryptorchidism animals is not recommended. The condition is genetic, and it is, therefore, hereditary.  So, it is good to have your pup undergo neutering, where the vet removes all the testicles. Another alternative is to let your vet perform surgery to descend the balls in case you really want to bread the animal.

Since the condition is hereditary, artificial inducement of testicles is unethical and may lead to grave medical implications to the offspring. Also, from a business’ point of view, it is not ethical to surgically correct your animal’s testicles. It is deceiving a potential buyer or client breeder that the animal is genetically and physically sound when in a real sense, it is not. 


Balls not dropping is a common condition among dogs. However, it is difficult to notice the problem in the early stages. In fact, most dog owners usually assume that their pup is female when they don’t see the testicles descend in the scrotum area. That is why it is vital to ensure that you take your pup to a vet expert for check-ups. Through examination, they can usually identify the problem early enough and help save the situation.

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