Common Reasons Your Dog’s Leash Won’t Retract

If you own a pet like a dog, you probably know what a leash is and why you should have one. There are various dog policies that you need to abide by to ensure that you do not get into trouble. For instance, we have a neighbor dog policy to ensure that your dog does not trespass to your neighbor’s property. And this is where a leash comes in handy. It prevents the dog from trespassing and helps you to control it while out for a walk. The leash ensures that the dog does not jump or chase people and other animals.  

However, sometimes a dog leash may refuse to retract. What this means is that you may not be able to pull it in or back. If this happens, it can be a frustrating moment for you. If you are a dog owner and have issues with your dog leash, this article will help you a great deal. You need to read the entire post if you want to know the reasons why your dog’s leash is not retracting and how to fix the problem.

The Leash Is Not on the Lock Position

When a leash is not in its rightful lock position, it causes it not to retract. So, before you pull in or pull back the leash, first, you need to check at the lock position to ensure that everything is okay.

In most cases, when the push-lock is facing down, it makes the leash not to retract. So, before you pull a leash, ensure that the push-lock is facing up. That way, you won’t have problems retracting your dog’s leash.

Faulty Spring on the Leash

A leash will only retract if the internal wheel controlling the length is functioning correctly. The wheel usually turns to allow the leash to coil around it to shorten or lengthen the rope possible. For all that to happen, there is a spring connecting the leash to the wheel to put tension, so that the rope can wind or unwind.

So this means that if the spring is not working, as it should, the leash will not retract. However, you can resolve this issue in two ways. You can either replace the faulty spring or repair it.

Gumming in the Leash’s Internal Mechanism 

Sometimes your dog’s leash may stop retracting when the internal mechanism stops functioning because of dirt, debris, fur, twists, knots, and tangles. So, to ensure that the dog leash is retracting, you need to open the leash cases to examine to see if you can locate any issue.

How to Repair the Dog Leash’s Internal Mechanism 

First, you need to find the detachable T-shaped opening located at the bottom. Then draw a screwdriver to create a gap. Insert your fingers in the space to separate the cases.

Once the cases are apart, you should be able to view the inside components. Examine them to see if you can locate any issue. Things to check include the leash roll, rock, rope, and detachable hole that are usually on the cases that permit the rope to pull out.

Do you see tangles or knots?

If you can see things like twists, tangles, debris, or knots, then there is probably an issue, which is why the leash cannot retract. What you need to do is to disentangle the rope in an anticlockwise manner from the roll. Ensure that you undo any twists, debris, knots, or tangles. You should also remove all the dirt and fur.

You can then replace the rope. However, when doing this, make sure that the rope is straight, well-aligned, and is lying flat on the roll. Replace the cases and ensure that the detachable holes allow the rope to move out through the slots.

Put the leash back to the detachable hole. This is a place that allows the rope to move out of the case and connect to the spring. Put back the screws and lock it up. However, before locking, ensure that each screw aligns well with the holes. You can then press the cases together to make it tight. If everything is done right, your dog leash should be able to retract without any problem.


A dog leash, regardless of brand, will, at some point, experience a malfunction. It will help if you familiarize yourself with leash retracting issues to locate and solve the problem easily. The above tips should help you to solve any issue on your dog’s leash.

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