My Dog’s Tail Is Matted

Who, in their wildest dreams who have ever guessed that a dog’s matted tail would cause the animal such misery and unhappiness? Yet, that is so true. Neglect of this magnitude stimulates a wide range of health issues for your canine. Besides your pooch looking disheveled, the matting can cause skin irritation. It makes the dog want to scratch and even bite. The result is more tangling, impacting, and skin infection.

Meanwhile, apart from the front leg and back of their ears, your dog’s most sensitive part is the tail’s base. Without regular care and brushing, this section tangles quite easily. Detangling has to be so gentle, not to cause further distress.

Here Is Why Your Dog’s Tail Is Matted

There are several reasons your beloved dog’s tail is matted. For example, when you do not brush the fur for considerable periods, the mats begin to form. The fur, which can rapidly grow, tangles and winds into huge clumps containing both the loosening dead and live fur. The tangling and twisting continue, while also moving so much closer to your dog’s delicate skin. In most cases, matting also happens in places that experience friction, such as the back of rear legs, which ultimately affect the tail, too.

Another major reason why your canine’s tail is matting could be seasonal shedding. At this point, you must ensure to brush as often as possible. If you ignore just a bit, the loose fur can impact the skin, creating mats that can be quite painful to remove. Does your dog love to swim? That could be another reason as the moisture will cause the hair to curl and eventually mat.

Preventing Heavy Matting in Your Dog

It is easy to prevent matting in your dog’s tail. One of the most important things you can do is ensure regular washing, brushing, and properly drying the tail area and the rest of the coat. Are you breed long haired? Then it would help if you brushed more often to prevent problematic tangling and matting. Always go deeper every time you are brushing. Merely targeting the uppermost part does not help as you would have ignored the growing and loose fur, which needs thorough brushing. 

Again, just touching on the top section means that you are pushing the very loose fur deeper at the skin level, which encourages heavy matting. In the meantime, get acquainted with your dog’s coat type and purchase only the right brush for that particular purpose. A dog groomer can guide you through the right grooming tools for your dog. These should include an undercoat rake for a double coat, and a slicker brush for single coats. Also, have a detangling conditioning spray at your disposal for earlier detangling.

Plan for Regular Dog Groomer Appointments

Most dog owners also happen to live busy lifestyles. The time to take care of your dog’s tail and overall coat frequently may be scarce. But a professional dog groomer can come to your aid. Schedule routine appointments for your dog to avoid matting, and eventually, avoid any consequent health problems that could occur because of neglect. A groomer will also use only the right grooming tools to ensure that your dog becomes sparkly clean. They also know how to train and tame your dog so that the canine immensely enjoys every grooming session. During such appointments, the expert guides on taking proper care of your dog’s tail before the next appointment.

Other Great Grooming Tips

Individual dogs hate touching their tail, let alone detangling when matted. So how do you go about it? Simple, start combing away from its body, working slowly and delicately towards the end. Then also work from the sides as you move towards the middle. You need to be patient, and it may take several bottles of conditioning shampoo if the tail is seriously matted. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner, helping to saturate individual mats. Work on each with a wide-toothed comb. Pull through each section a little bit at a time until you are sure you are living a perfect detangled piece of fur before you move to the next. Remember to towel dry the detangle fur, then brush it once more.

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