My Male Dog Doesn’t Know How to Mate

Puppies should know how to mate to be able to reproduce and to have their lineage continuity. However, not all hounds know how to mate. If your puppy doesn’t know how to breed, you’re in trouble since teaching him to do so is never easy. But then what can make him not know this natural process? Understanding this can be tricky but read this informative article. You’ll learn how you can make your pup mate and the reasons why he doesn’t know how to do it.

Your Pup Might Be Having No Experience

Suppose it’s your pup’s first-time mating; don’t expect him to know how to do it. This is because he doesn’t have an idea of what that is. Even if you bring him a female on heat, your puppy might fail to do the necessary. To help your pup look for a mating assistant to help teach him how to mount a female. Doing this is never easy and requires patience, but because you need to get a new breed, try it.

Your Puppy Doesn’t Have Interest in the Female Pup

If you’ve been taking your canine to a female, he doesn’t want to mate all through his life, then expect him not to know it. Male puppies are funny and can have a preference too, and since he can’t talk, you’ll not know where the issue is. If the female is a dominant type, then your male dog may fail to mate her. And suppose she’s a breed which your male puppy can’t mate, then that could also be a factor. But not only that if your pup is not familiar with the female, but he may again fail to do the necessary. 

If your hound has been through any of these situations all through his life, it’s hard for him to know how to mate. To help your puppy overcome these challenges, take him to the female for some time to get to familiarize with one another. An early introduction will also help you know if they like each other, making mating easier.

Does Your Pooch Become Nervous Whenever He Should Be Mating?

If your dog becomes nervous anytime you introduce him to a new partner; it can be hard to know how to mate. With anxiety issues, your canine might fail to arouse, making him not to mate.   To make your puppy feel comfortable, do make him exercise to relax during mating time. You can also massage your pup to make him calm when with the strange female puppy. Also, consider taking your puppy for therapy sessions so that he overcomes the fear of mating.

Does Your Pup Have Difficulty Mounting?

Suppose your puppy has difficulty mounting; it’s hard for him to know how to mate. This could be because anytime he tries mating, he’s in pain. Problem mounting could result from a medical condition, some of which you can help while others need professional intervention. For example, if your puppy has a urinary infection or priapism, it can be challenging for him to mate since he will be in pain. If your pup is still young and has these conditions, he may fail to know how to mate. To know when your hound has any of the problems, you’ll see him licking or chewing his private parts. To help him call the vet and explain his condition.

Your Puppy Might Be Having Problems Before Achieving the Tie

Some canines don’t know how to mate because they fail to achieve the tie. It should be that when your puppy enters a female, his penis glands should swell, making the tie. If he fails to project while inside the mate’s vagina, the mating process will not be successful. Most of the time, your puppy’s penis will be getting out of the female pup immediately he tries to penetrate. Such a problem could be hard to solve, but you can talk to your vet and see where the issue is.


If you want to teach your puppy how to mate, ensure he’s healthy and in the right state. Please give him a balanced diet to boost his energy level. Also, ensure his genitals are clean so that he doesn’t get infections. And avoid giving him food a day to teach him how to mate to become enthusiastic about the act.