My Neighbor’s Yard Smells Like Dog Poop!

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. From the basics of keeping it alive to making sure it’s happy, the list of things to do is endless. It’s all worth the effort though because we get to see our dog’s happy face at the end of the day.

That said, not all the tasks are pleasant to do. One of the worst is picking up dog poop. If someone says they enjoy doing that… More power to them, I guess. It’s not pretty, but it’s something that we dog-owners are responsible for. But not everyone does their part. Now, that’s already unpleasant to encounter on the streets, but imagine how much worse it is to live next to it.

Why do my neighbors leave dog poop in their yard?

There are lots of reasons why your neighbor has dog poop in their yard. Maybe they have a reasonable excuse, who knows? Here are a few not-so-reasonable reasons why people don’t clean up dog poop.

  • The poop’s in their yard. Why do they need to clean it up if it’s on their property anyway? They go with this logic, failing to understand or care that it’s not just them who get affected by the lack of hygiene and excess of bad odors.
  • Pooping is perfectly natural, it’s not dangerous at all. Letting poop build up in any environment will eventually cause disturbances (like the smell) and poses threat to everyone’s health. Don’t let your neighbors beat you with this argument.
  • Dog poop is icky. That’s kind of the point. It’s icky, it’s gross, so why leave it out in the open to fester? That just makes an already gross situation even more disgusting.
  • They don’t care. Plain and simple, your neighbors don’t care. Not about how the dog poop affects their dog, not how it affects you. They leave the dog poop unattended for purely selfish reasons.

How do I deal with my neighbor’s poopy yard?

It’s easy to immediately go nuclear in this type of situation, but first, we must go through the friendly route. Approach your neighbor and inform them of your issue. You never know if your neighbors are simply going through a rough patch at the moment, which leads to neglecting their property. Especially if the poop-yard fiasco is not a regular event, the neighborly approach is the first step you must take.

Let them know that having a poop-filled yard is unhygienic and unpleasant. If your other neighbors also take issue with it, consider asking them to come to talk to the neighbor in question. Of course, civil discourse can only do so much. If your neighbor refuses to take responsibility and resolve the waste problems, then you have no choice but to escalate, unless you’re willing to let this pass.

The neighbor refuses to clean the dog poop! What now?

You’ve approached your neighbor and they refuse to clean up their mess. Okay, time to pull out the big guns. Leaving dog poop out for long periods is unseemly and unsafe, you must report them to your local authorities, depending on location. If you live in a rent-controlled or HOA-controlled area, file a complaint against your neighbors.

Animal services recommend feces removal at least once a day to avoid the build-up of offensive odors. It is also required to maintain any animal’s living environment as clean and waste-free as possible. For anyone to leave out their dog’s poop for extended periods of time, that’s just nasty. What you can do is file the complaint as soon as you can. This can now be done online for most areas.

What preventive measures can I do?

Dealing with stinky waste on the daily is a terrible thing. No morning is good when the first thing you smell is a poop-filled breeze. Aside from conversations and complaints, what can you do to stop the nasty smell from leeching over to your house?

Well, since the poop is in their yard, you can’t just clean it up for them, nor should you have to. The trick here is to make your area as pleasant-smelling as possible in the hopes of masking the foul odor. Invest in air-fresheners like candles and scent diffusers. Better yet, you can try your hand at gardening and fill your property up with highly fragrant and easy-to-maintain plants. Plants that you can try out are lavender, jasmine, sage, and mint. Hit two birds with one stone by ridding yourself of the smell, while simultaneously beautifying your place.

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