Did Your Puppy Eat a Grape? When to Worry

Although some consider grapes’ toxicity an urban legend, extensive cases have been reported, and scientific articles have been published on the subject.

Of course, there are recorded cases of dogs eating grapes. In many cases, directly from the vineyards, or as a reward during their training. Even as an alternative to commercial snacks. And these dogs have often had no problems, though they have eaten moderate amounts.

However, other times, dogs have died eating much smaller amounts. The type or variety of grape or raisin and the breed of dogs are factors that do not matter.

The amount they must consume to be toxic is highly variable (from a few grapes to half a kg, this is because raisins are much more concentrated than grapes). Nonetheless, a minimal amount is often enough.

However, logically the greater the quantity consumed, the more likely it is to be toxic (everything in excess is usually bad).

Why grapes are so dangerous for dogs

Grapes can never use a snack for the dog, not even occasionally. Whereas two or three grapes look inoffensive, they could trigger significant health problems as well as the dog’s death.

The main consequence when dogs consume grapes is a sudden and acute renal failure. Studies have not yet determined the exact reason. It could be a toxin or a poison.

The specific cause of this toxicity is still unknown, but different possibilities are considered. For instance, due to a component of the grapes themselves, their presence in mycotoxins or heavy metals is present.

Moreover, or even the grapes themselves would have been treated with products such as herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.

Although the grapes component causing such a consequence is still a mystery, it confirms the grapes’ terrible danger for the dog digestive system. Besides, it is very unclear for the experts the reason why some dogs are so susceptible to grape’s toxicity when others seem to resist grapes.

Symptoms of grape intoxication

Often with only a little dose, the dog can immediately suffer the symptoms. There is no doubt that the higher the number of grapes, the greater the chances of intoxication.

The size, the age, or your dog’s health record are not significant factors determining whether your dog will experience intoxication from grapes.

There are many symptoms of intoxicated dogs. The most common symptoms consist of vomiting and hyperactivity in the first 24 hours after ingestion. Sometimes the dogs also present diarrhea, and in these cases, both vomiting and feces contain remnants of undigested grapes or raisins.

After those first 24 hours, dogs begin to develop anorexia, lethargy, and depression. They may also have a painful abdomen, and there comes a time when they stop drinking and urinating; in the end, the kidneys fail, and most dogs die.

Besides, abdominal pain can appear, but this is a symptom challenging to determine in our dogs. For instance, your dog can reject its food.

Hiding or mal-behaving are other signals of abdominal pain. Any of these symptoms is enough to pay a visit to the veterinary.

For our cans companions, the most severe complication after eating grapes is the sudden and acute renal failure. This condition translates to the lack of urine production, possibly leading to premature death. Renal failure can significantly affect your dog’s health, even if it receives prompt treatment.


Initially, the veterinarians might suspect rodenticide poisoning (this has happened in some cases) because the first symptoms are quite similar. Thus, it is necessary to warn them to start the appropriate treatment as soon as possible if it is known or suspected that the dog has eaten grapes or raisins.


Not to be alarming, but eating grape could lead to death if there is no immediate treatment. Sudden and severe renal failure could cause the end of a dog in a few days although it is improbable, grape as the potential to create fatal medical complications for your dog.

Hence you, as a pet owner, ought to be responsible and aware of your dog whereabout. Also, be conscious of any substance or object, whether natural or not, that your dog introduces into its mouth.


If the ingestion was less than two hours ago, veterinarians can induce vomiting and administer activated charcoal to absorb any remaining poison or toxin. If more time has passed, aggressive intravenous fluid therapy (or even dialysis) is required to try to cleanse the kidneys.

Depending on the patient, additional renal medication may also be indicated. This treatment must be as early as possible; it must be very aggressive and follow it for a long time so that the dog can have a chance of survival.

The fewer grapes you dog intake, and the sooner you seek treatment, the lesser the possibilities for your dog to receive an unfavorable forecast. If the veterinarian needs to induce the vomit, thus it would be necessary to have your dog drink sufficient water to help in its hydronation.

Furthermore, most veterinarians would recement a follow-up test of blood to discard any other complication.

Is it possible to know if my dog has eaten grapes?

This could be very difficult to determine. The symptoms of intoxication via consuming grapes are very similar to other, less lethal, sickness. If you are aware of your dog has eaten grapes or raisins, call your veterinarian immediately.

Even if you did not see your dog eating the grapes, but it is behaving in a wear manner, present vomit of diarrhea. Call the specialist, better safe than sorry.

Some dogs can do shown any immediate symptoms after eating grapes. Hence pets owners should consult with the veterinarian even if the dog does not indicate any sign of sickness.

Last word

Dogs and grapes are generally not a good combination. Try to limit your dog to eat only dogs’ food, healthy snack, or safe-to-eat dog products.

If it is known or suspected that a dog has consumed any quantity of grapes or raisins, you should go to the vet immediately. In these cases, speed can be vital.

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