My Puppy Ate a Rock

A puppy spends most of their time checking out the world with their mouth. They do not have hands so the mouth is their hands.

Also, they spend hours licking, chewing, or rolling on different objects. They are learning about their surroundings.

However, what do you do when they eat a rock by accident or on purpose? We are going to go over that scenario today.

Call your vet right away

Let your vet know what has happened. Most vets will ask how big the rock was and ask you to monitor your fur baby. If the vet states to bring in your dog do not hesitate to follow through with them. A vet can x-ray and let you know how to proceed with treatment and it will give you peace of mind.

It may sound gross but keep a close eye on your dog’s poop

When investigating look to see if there is a change of color. If the puppy is having dark, tarry poop he may be bleeding internally.

Check to make sure he is passing his poop without discomfort. If the puppy is straining to complete a bowel movement. If you notice they are crying in pain when trying to poop. It could be the rock has caused a blockage.

A blockage can lead to many life-threatening complications. You will want to check to see if the rock has passed in the dog’s bowel movement. If you do not see the rock then it is time to contact your vet for help.

Watch for energy levels

If he/she does not want to play when engaged it could be a sign of pain. A normally energetic dog not wanting to play is a sign something is wrong. If the puppy generally is full of energy and is now not contact your vet. He/she may be acting overly tired it could be a good indicator for a call to your vet.

Keep a close eye on vomiting

When your dog eats or drinks they may experience vomiting. If the rock is causing discomfort in the stomach the dog may try to vomit the rock up.

Check the dogs vomit for signs of bleeding. If the rock does not come up and out contact your vet. If the rock comes out in vomit check for blood if you see some contact your vet.

A good check-up is a good idea to ensure tears in the stomach or throat did not happen. A dog will try to get rid of something that is causing them discomfort in their stomachs just as humans.

Observe if your puppy or dog is eating/drinking normally

If you observe they are not eating or drinking it is a clear sign something is wrong. The dog will refuse to drink or eat because of discomfort. It would be a good time to call your vet.

Make sure the vet understands the symptoms and causes of the ailment.

To alleviate the problem from happening always have your furry friend on a leash

Having the control will help keep them from eating something they are not supposed to. It is important to supervise your fur baby when they are growing up.

They are exploring and do not understand eating a rock is bad. The world is full of new smells, sensations, and sounds that sometimes can get them into trouble.

It may be a good idea if your yard has small pebbles to replace them

If the behavior continues. Put in larger rocks, sand, grass, or even more dirt.

The act of not having something that can harm your dog will help with your own worries.

The less stress you have the less stress your furry companion will have.

Do not give your dog a laxative, oils, or anything to try to home remedy the situation

We all love our dogs but we are not professional vets. The act of trying a home remedy without consultation could harm your dog.

The oils or laxatives could cause massive diarrhea which can cause dehydration. The formulas in human medicines can be fatal to a canine. A professional vet can guide you to the correct medications to give to your puppy or dog.

Pica is the name given to the canine behavior of eating non-edible objects. There are no known reasons for it to occur. The behavior can occur from simple boredom, anxiety, and accidental especially in puppies.

The behavior can be the dog trying to get your attention. A trip to your vet when you notice the behavior can rule out a medical reason like a vitamin deficiency. An owner should never administer a laxative, oils, or any other medicines without consulting a vet.

The act of giving medicine without proper guidance from a professional could lead to further complications or even death.

If the rock was very small there is a good chance your puppy will pass it with no problems. The behavior if it does continue needs to be brought to your vets’ attention. If a stone does need medical attention it can be a costly procedure. It will require an operation to remove the rock from the intestine or stomach area.

It is best to keep a sharp eye on your growing puppy. The act of keeping them on a leash is not a punishment.

Having a puppy on a leash keeps them from harm and is a great training tool. Always follow your vets’ instructions and advice for your puppy or older dog. Training the “leave it” command can help with keeping items out of your dogs mouth.

The “drop it” command helps when they actually have got an item in their mouth already. A dog is our best friend and part of our family. Training, love, patience, and guidance will give your dog a happy and long life.

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