My Puppy Ate a Sock! Should I Worry?

If your dog has swallowed the whole sock and wants to know how to make your dog vomit it, what to do in this case or how long it takes to expel it, you are in the right place.

Puppies, especially when they are puppies, are full of energy and curiosity, which can make you go through scares like this.

Here, we are going to tell you what you have to do if your dog swallows a sock or any article of your home regardless of size.

Anyway, we know that the first time it happens to you, it is expected that you get very nervous. That is why we recommend that you ask all the questions you need from our online vets.

How to make my dog throw up a sock or a piece of cloth?

The first thing we want to ask you is calm, very calm. Your first impulse will be to try to induce the vomit, but you shouldn’t.

Do not even think of giving it a human medicine to do it, much less do you feel about putting your fingers in your mouth to expel the stocking. What you have to do is relax and wait. Yes really.

You will have to wait a couple of days until your kennel expels it naturally mixed with its feces. Don’t be in a rush to do it, it will take your time. The time it takes for a dog to digest is much longer than that of a human, so, until two days pass, it is difficult to end up expelling it.

What should be done when a dog eats a sock?

During these days, treat it as you will generally do. However, remember that you can slightly vary its diet to help your puppy evacuate earlier, giving it water, for example, and foods rich in fiber.

Check with our online veterinarians who are nutrition specialists, they will tell you, based on their weight, age, and race, what is the best you can give them to shit before.

You can also go for a walk with him or do some more exercise. Walking next to you will help you move your intestines and, therefore, do it before your belly. Of course, be very careful not to eat anything else while you walk.

How long does it take for a dog to vomit a sock?

As we say, the usual thing is that he shits it, not that he vomits it. The problem is that more than 48 hours pass without the fabric, sock, or stocking being ejected.

It is unlikely, but it may be that the garment becomes a ball and can hurt you. If, after two days, you still have not seen that your colleague has thrown him out of his body, go to a specialist to examine him.

Occasionally, surgical intervention may be necessary.

But what happens if after two days you have not expelled it?

Then we will have to take him to the vet. Once there, they will take an x-ray and, if the sock is in the stomach, they can remove it with forceps while the animal is anesthetized.

If it has fallen further, there will be no choice but to open it and remove it surgically.

So, whenever the furry swallows something inedible and has not been able to expel it, we will have to worry and take it to the specialist.

Why do dogs like to eat their socks?

The taste for socks compared to any other garment seems to predominate, so the question arises: What do you like about these? These are some of the reasons for this predilection:

By the smell

We know that the smell of your socks should not represent something particularly pleasant for you. Still, for your dog, it can become a world of sensations that your used sock presents.

You have to understand that everything that has a robust smell will catch your dog’s attention. Because your dogs recognize everyone around them through their sense of smell.

Being one of the animals in this more developed sense, all those intense smells tend to be pleasant, and your socks are part of that burst of aroma that attracts them.

For boredom

Your dog has a lot of energy, and if you do not take him for a walk as long as possible for him to discharge them, he will likely get bored, which will directly affect his behavior at home.

This will likely begin to destroy different objects and different things in your house, only because it does not waste the necessary energy.

In the case of not having enough time for it to walk, you can use some of the dog toys, specially made to stimulate them and that channel a large part of their forces to that side.

Because it’s a nice feeling for them

To what we mentioned before, dogs can find the foot odor that you dislike as something appetizing since, for dogs’ teeth, it is also enjoyable.

It must be something like chewing gum for them, which also has a taste that is exquisite for them, although it disgusts us. That texture that is almost irresistible for puppies ends up becoming a habit that dogs will continue to have when they are older.

It is hungry

All of us who have dogs know that even when we give them all the tastes and never lack the necessary daily food rations, they can still be hungry.

Sometimes they seem to have no limits on the amounts of food they could eat daily. Anyway, it is advisable to know how much food you should provide your dog according to its breed or constitution since they may be hungry.

Because he misses you

This reason will surely give you more tenderness than the other causes. That your clothes smell like you can make it a way of approaching the dog when it misses you.

Anyway, you must find a solution. After all, as sentimental as it may be, you can’t run out of socks because your dog wants to see you.

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