10 Tips if Your Puppy Barks at Other Dogs

Barking is a normal activity that any dog engages in. A dog that barks will usually do this to alert you of an intruder or the presence of another animal. When your puppy barks at other dogs, it can mean a number of things.

A puppy that barks at other dogs may be looking to provide you with protection, warn you of other dogs nearby, and also to inform the other dogs to stay away from it and you.

When a puppy barks, it may also be looking to greet other dogs in a friendly way as well. If your puppy barks at other dogs, it is okay as long as it isn’t excessive.

Determine the consistency

Whenever your puppy begins to bark at other dogs, the first thing that you will want to do is to determine if the barking is consistent.

Does your puppy bark every time it sees another dog or does it bark when it sees certain dogs? Is your puppy barking at dogs on occasion? Determining the consistency of your puppy barking at other dogs can allow you to find out if this can become a potential problem.

It is important to make sure that your puppy does not get too hostile if it barks a lot at other dogs.

Find out if puppy barks excessively

Another important step is to find out if your puppy barks excessively. In most cases, a puppy may bark at another dog a few times and then stop as long as the other dog leaves the area.

However, if it barks when another dog walks away then it is a sign that your puppy needs to change its barking habits. It is important for you to teach your puppy to only bark when it is appropriate.

This will enable you to prevent your puppy from getting into unpleasant confrontations.

Find out if it is being hostile

If your puppy barks at other dogs, the next thing to do is to find out if it is being hostile. In most cases, a puppy that barks at other dogs is just telling other dogs to stay away.

However, it is possible that it may be looking to attach another dog and start a confrontation. When your puppy is being hostile, it will be time to train it to be more tolerant of other dogs.

Once you are able to prevent your puppy from being hostile, then it will likely refrain from barking at other dogs excessively or starting confrontations.

See if it is a friendly gesture

As well as being hostile, you may also want to find out if your puppy is barking at other dogs as a friendly gesture. Sometimes your puppy will be looking to play with other dogs and is letting them know that it is willing to spend time with them.

It may also mean that the puppy is being welcomed to other dogs as well. In order to determine if is barking out of friendliness, your puppy will usually have a low pitched nonthreatening bark.

Is it done for protection?

Whenever your puppy barks at other dogs, it is most likely done out of protection. Your puppy may be in the early stages of its life but it is still capable of providing you with protection.

In all likelihood, one of the reasons why your puppy is barking at other dogs is because it is looking to make sure that you are safe from any perceived threats.

If your puppy is barking at other dogs out of protection, then you have nothing to worry about.

Does your puppy mark territory

At times your puppy may be looking to mark its territory. One of the ways in which it will mark its territory is by barking. It barks in order to let other dogs know that they must stay away from the area that it is present at.

Anytime your Puppy barks to mark its territory is a positive thing because it is letting other dogs to not come near you and likely keeping you safe as well. Again, this is not something to get worried about as a dog owner.

Train it to stop barking excessively

If your puppy barks excessively, it will be important to train it to stop. You will need to teach it to bark only when there is a threat.

It will also be important to teach your puppy to stop barking once you determine that you are safe and that anyone nearby is not a threat to you or your puppy.

After a while, your puppy will begin to understand when it is a good time to bark and when to stop. This will result in it not barking excessively anymore.

Keep it away from other dogs

A puppy that barks at other dogs can have some issues with proper socialization. If your puppy is often getting aggressive towards other dogs then it will be a good idea to keep it away from them for a while.

When you keep your puppy away from other dogs, you can prevent it from getting into violent and dangerous confrontations.

It will also give you time to train it to stop barking excessively and make it more pleasant towards other dogs in the future.

Improve socialization

Once you train your puppy to change its barking habits, you will then want to improve its socialization. Now that it knows when to bark and when not to, it will be able to be more friendly towards other dogs.

This will enable your puppy to properly engage in social situations with other dogs.

Make sure it doesn’t get violent

As a dog owner, you will need to make sure that the barking of your puppy never gets out of control One of the things that you will need to do is make sure that it never gets violent.

When a puppy barks on a regular basis it can be looking to get into a violent confrontation with another dog. When owning a puppy, you will need to make sure that it limits its barking and never gets too aggressive.

If your puppy doesn’t get violent then its barking is okay. However, if it does get violent and attacks other dogs, then you will need to train it for proper socialization.

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