Did Your Puppy Drink Beer? When to Worry

Some dog owners are not yet aware of how dangerous and toxic alcohol can be for their dogs. When we have parties at home, we sometimes forget that our dog can be exposed to harmful substances without realizing it.

Therefore, it is recommended that you keep it in a separate space whenever you have an event where there is beer or other toxic foods for your dog.

And, above all, be very careful with your guests, as it may be that you never thought about giving beer to your dog. Still, other people find it “funny” to get drunk animals, so talk to them before and explain that it is hazardous to do so. Of course, if you ever see someone doing it, stop them immediately.

Why is beer dangerous for dogs?

Like humans, when a dog ingests beers, it disinhibits its nervous system causing a lack of motor coordination, similar to that when you start to feel tipsy.

However, if the amount of alcohol ingested is high, the system becomes disinhibited to the point that the heart rate decreases and the body temperature drops. Also, the chemicals in the blood are altered, creating a metabolic acidosis (too acidic blood), which can be fatal if left untreated.

If you notice that your dog suffers changes in his behavior, loses coordination, is dizzy, vomits, or makes too much pee, take him to your trusted vet immediately.

Giving alcohol to your dog or ingesting it due to some kind of carelessness is a difficult situation where your pet’s life can be threatened. Always take your precautions.

Liver damage & hydration

Unlike in the human body, your dog’s liver is relatively small, making it very difficult for them to process the alcohol in beer or most of the other liquors.

In the case of a dog, any liver damage is irreversible and could be fatal. Drinking beer will not hydrate your pet.

On the contrary, beers further dehydration and reduce electrolytes in your dog’s organism-also, minerals such as sodium, chloride, and potassium.

Central nervous system

Just as right after your dog drinks the beer, his central nervous system will slow down. As a consequence, your dog will lose its coordination, and its vital functions could be severe damage.

For instance, heart rate and slow breathing could be at risk. The ultimate consequence could be falling into a coma.

Furthermore, alcohol increases the level of acidity in the dog’s blood, elevating the chances of cardiac arrest.

Potential organs damage

Kidneys are one of the essential organs in the dog’s body. They are in charge of filtering the blood and keep the water and electrolytes balance in the bloodstream.

Without proper kidney function, your dog will get very sick or could even die. When a dog drinks any kind of alcohol, especially beer, the kidneys’ functions are threatened.

Be alert for the following symptoms

If you notice your dog is presenting one of the following symptoms, you could be in the presence of alcohol intoxication.

It is common for a dog to experience mood changes, confusion, loss of coordination, hyperactivity, increased urination, decreased temperature, difficulty breathing, and even seizures. If your dog drinks beer in a small quantity, you might see these symptoms in as little as forty minutes.

Visible signs of drunkenness in humans are much more visible in dogs because dogs are more sensitive to alcohol.

Alcohol poisoning treatment

Whether you are sure or just assume your dog might have drunk beer, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Most dogs can be treated for alcohol poisoning if they are brought to the veterinaries in time. Blood can be drawn to measure the blood’s alcohol content and to check for damage to the internal organs.

Another remedy is activated carbon, which is known to help clear the alcohol from your dog’s blood. Intravenous fluids may also be needed to stabilize blood sugar levels. Under immediate medical supervision and the right treatment, your dog could be saved from alcohol poison after 24 hours.

Final recommendation: Dog beers

In recent years we have witnessed the appearance of so-called dogs beers. Keeping your dog well hydrated with fresh water is essential for its health.

However, you can also offer its a unique drink on particular occasions, like dog beer!

It can be a reward for hydration after exercise, such as playing or taking a good walk, without exceeding the recommended amount depending on the size of the animal. For example, a medium-sized dog like a

Labrador could drink a whole bottle. At the same time, a small one would be only half a bottle.

Characteristics of dog beers

They have no alcohol. Alcohol is a toxic substance for pets, so dog-specific beers contain 0% alcohol. No bubbles! Unlike beer for human consumption, beer for dogs does not have bubbles, and the gas is not good for them either.

Tasty and nutritious. Dog beers are usually made up of chicken, beef, and malt. In addition to being a delicious delicacy for the dog, they are rich in protein and carbohydrates.

They also contain vitamins, such as vitamin B, which contributes to the proper functioning of the kidneys, and to keeping hair strong and healthy.

So remember, don’t give the dog-human beer! Alcohol and bubbles are harmful to them and can lead to poisoning. If you want to treat yourself, go for a specific drink for them.


It will always be a bad idea to offer your dog an alcohol-rich beer. The risks you had put into itself by giving them the beer was simply not worth it.

Enjoy time with your dog in doing other activities. Try to limit your dog to drink water an occasional dog beer.

However, if you believe your dog has consumed beer or any alcoholic beverage, please direct yourself you the nearest veterinarian office, because your dog might be at risk. Nonetheless, the veterinarian will be able to find a remedy for your dog.

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