My Puppy Drinks a Lot of Water

Water is as important to your puppy as it is to any kind of creature on this earth. Your puppy will need to drink a lot of water while it is still growing because of how much energy it expends by playing around.

Moreover, its rapidly growing body needs the water for it to have enough energy to keep on growing. As such, you can never overstate how important water is to the life of a puppy.

With that in mind, one would begin to think about how much water does a puppy really needs. It is widely believed that dogs need an ounce of water for every pound they have in their body weight. As such, a two-pound puppy would need about two ounces of water per day.

Granted that puppies are more active than adult dogs. It is quite understandable for them to drink more water than what is required. However, if you notice that your puppy is always drinking water, there must be something wrong here.

That said, here are the main culprits as to why your puppy always seems to be thirsty:


Dehydration is the most common reason as to why puppies, adult dogs, and even humans always seem to be thirsty. It often occurs during a particularly hot day when your pup is playing so much outdoors.

Getting exposed to the heat may have caused his body to burn off more water than needed. As such, it could potentially cause dehydration. To the point that your puppy will drink more water than what it normally should.

Sometimes, dehydration can also be caused by other factors such as too much exercise, illnesses, and even infections.

That said, dehydration can be a killer if your dog does not rehydrate right away. And if you want to avoid dehydration, make sure that your puppy always has a nearby source of freshwater it can drink from. Especially when it is out there in the open playing and exercising during a hot day.


Certain types of illnesses in dogs may not entirely lead to dehydration but they can lead to excessive thirst. What that means is that your puppy will be prompted by its body to drink more water than it should due to a certain kind of illness.

These illnesses can be cancer, diarrhea, diabetes, kidney problems, Cushing’s disease, infections, liver diseases, and even simple fevers.

If your puppy happens to be drinking too much water even though it does not seem to be dehydrated, try taking it to a vet to see what is wrong with it.

The reason for its excessive water drinking may in fact be linked to a certain type of illness or disease it is suffering from. As such, having it checked as early as possible will allow it to recover from the disease as soon as it can.


If your puppy happens to be suffering from an illness and that you have taken it to a vet to have it checked, it might be under some sort of a medication that will help it recover from its illness or disease.

However, some types of medicines can actually lead to excessive thirst in your puppy even though it might not be dehydrated. This is simply a normal side-effect that is often seen in certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs, heart failure drugs, and seizure drugs.

So long as you are allowing your pup to takes its fill of water while it is under medication, you should have nothing to worry about.

In fact, the water might also help it recover faster from its illness. Just make sure that you are indeed regularly giving your puppy its medicine. Also, that you are actually feeding it with nutritious and healthy food.


There are certain types of puppy diets that may actually lead to excessive thirst. Younger puppies are usually given diets that are based on milk. That is why it is important for you to try to keep them away from dry solid food while they are still young.

However, as the puppy grows older, its body will become more accustomed to solid foods that are still nevertheless not as dry as the type of diet that most adult dogs eat.

As such it is important for you to make sure that your puppy sticks to a diet that is actually right for it.

Making your puppy switch to a diet that is solid and dry can potentially force its body to rapidly adjust.

Dry dog food diets are usually only about five to ten percent water on average. Puppies require more fluids than adult dogs. Having them eat a dry dog food diet can potentially cause excessive thirst. In turn, your puppy will be drinking more water than it should.

Meanwhile, a diet that also contains high levels of sodium or salt can also cause excessive thirst in your puppy.

That is why dog health experts suggest that it is prudent for dog owners to avoid giving their furry friends food that contains high levels of salt as doing so can potentially cause health problems or even fatality.

That said, make sure that your puppy sticks to a diet that is largely water-based as much as possible before having it move to a diet that is based on solid foods if you want to avoid excessive thirst and water drinking.

Always keep an eye on your dog’s water drinking

Monitor your puppy’s water drinking habits regularly. So that it will be easy for you to detect even the slightest changes to the way it drinks water.

During hot summer days, it will be normal for your puppy to drinking more water than it should.

That is why you should not worry too much about it. The only time when you should start worrying is if your puppy is showing drastic changes in its water drinking habits.

If possible, you might want to try to keep its source of water away from the puppy. If it is not even showing any signs of health problems or dehydration so as to prevent it from drinking too much water.

Dogs act according to how they associate certain acts with rewards and punishments. There is a chance that negatively reinforcing your puppy by monitoring its water or by keeping it away from its source of water can prevent it from drinking too much of it.

Take it to a vet if you are still unsure of what to do

If your puppy seems to be healthy and well-hydrated during a normal day but is still excessively drinking water, it might be time for you to take it to a vet to get some expert advice on how to deal with this problem.

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