9 Tips if Your Puppy Eats Too Fast

At times, you may find your puppy gulping its kibble in a matter of seconds. Pets eating their food too fast is a common problem having severe repercussions.

It is a major health concern for a puppy eating too quickly without proper supervision. Poor eating habits result in different health problems.

Vomiting, regurgitation, weight problems, and bloating are some of the issues which arise when puppies eat too fast. At first, your puppy may seem to manage some of the conditions occurring due to fast eating.

Other times, your puppy may experience life-threatening issues as a result of greedy consumption. You should prevent these issues by ensuring which your puppy eats at a standard pace.

Since many puppies keep on gobbling food even after facing fatal conditions, you will need to prevent future recurrence. It is of great importance which you should find practical solutions for your ‘greedy’ puppy.

The crafting of some of the slow-eating techniques is done at home, while others need money. Using cookie sheets, puzzle feeders, and slow feeder bowls can curb fast-eating ‘disorder.’

Here, we discuss better ways to slow your puppy from eating too fast.

Using puzzle feeders

Puzzle feeders are efficient ways to slow your puppy from fast eating. They challenge your puppy since there are many barriers they need to solve to eat the food adequately.

They also serve as an essential physical activity when puppies are eating. Puzzle feeders are the best techniques for mental refreshment.

Puppies have to flip several objects, remove some objects, and also open compartments when feeding on puzzle feeders.

Puppies can develop problem-solving instincts when you serve food using puzzle toys. When your puppy also suffers from obesity, puzzle toys are the best option to manage the condition.

Slow eating puppy bowls

Slow feed bowls vary in terms of sizes and shapes. Your selection must complement the puppy’s face shape. Some pots might be inappropriate for some foodstuffs.

Therefore, when choosing the type of bowl for your puppy, consider the food format you have. If you serve your puppies in incorrect bowl sizes, they might struggle to grasp any foodstuff, subjecting them to frustration.

When puppies find it hard to eat even a piece of the kibble, they might completely refuse to eat. The right slow feed bowls allow puppies to use their tongues to get portions of food at a slow pace.

The puppies have to move around the bowl when eating as they eat small pieces of food at a time.

Use of foraging mats

The use of Snuffle mats is an excellent way to slow your puppy from eating fast. They are made of plastic rubber and vary in sizes. Foraging mats come in square or rectangle shapes.

Foodstuffs are put to mats, and puppies start to forage the kibble.

Since puppies have natural hunting instincts, which make them automatically find food through the fabric. Foraging Mats are strong since they are made of rubber or plastic.

Their features make them endure puppy bites for a long time. It is advisable to put smaller food portions to inspire them to dig deeper when feeding.

Cookie sheet

Spreading the food in a sheet is a better way of slowing puppies from eating too fast. It prevents the puppies from biting large chunks of food by challenging them to find the food.

Food licking minimizes excessive food gulping via the use of cookie sheets.

Muffin tin

Fill each tin with the foodstuff. Puppies are allowed to put their muzzles into the tins chunking small food pieces.

Moving from one cup to another slows the speed of eating. Thus, the required amount of food is maintained as well as controlling the fast feeding pace.

Regular puppy feeding

It is necessary which you feed your puppy many times with fewer portions of food. Divide each day’s quantity into smaller pieces. Consider creating a feeding schedule to maintain the right food portions throughout the day.

The use of automatic feeders is a better decision to have in mind. Automatic feeders are filled with the right food quantities, which are dispersed at different intervals. Also, maintain the correct amount of nutrients in the foodstuff.

Hand feeding

Hand-feeding is one of the best ways to reduce fast food intake. When you are training your puppy, consider hand feeding your puppy with the correct food portions.

It is encouraged which as you connect with your puppies during outdoor activities, you should also feed them. It is a fun method where you use numerous tricks while feeding your puppy.

If you opt to toss hand feed your puppy in your floor, ensure which you regularly clean the surfaces. Additionally, supervision is necessary since foodstuffs will spread on the floor.

Turning meals into training sessions

At times, you should encourage your puppy to feed after accomplishing set tasks. Find exciting tricks for your puppy and let it achieve them before feeding.

It is one method of boosting both the mental and physical activities of the puppies. Your puppy might learn a new skill while in training.

Flip the bowl upside down

You should turn the bowl upside down with food, filled around the center. The puppy chases the dish in search of the food and receives some portion at a time.

Flipping the bowl upside down slows the puppy from taking huge food chunks, which consequently causes severe effects. You should get the correct type of bowl, which will accommodate all amount of the kibble.

Slow feeding does not mean inadequate food. Most of the above methods to slow puppies from fast feeding are simple to make even at home.

Homemade feeders can be made from cheap materials. Maintaining the health of your puppies is a priority in consideration to many.

Preventing puppies from consequences resulting from puppies eating fast is a primary way to ensure their survival. It is high time which you should try the above methods and worry less about your puppies.

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