9 Tips if Your Puppy Freaks Out on a Leash

One of the biggest joys that a dog owner gets to have in their life is taking their pets on a walk. That is why it can be particularly frustrating when you get a new dog that does not seem to cooperate.

You may know in your heart that going on a walk is something that they would enjoy, but they simply refused to work with you.

There are several reasons that a dog may be displaying insubordinate behavior when it comes to leashes and walks. Most of the time, it is simply a lack of experience, and they simply need more time to learn.

There are a few other reasons they could be displaying this behavior, however. We are going to show you exactly what you need to be doing if you want to help your dog.

Once your dog is able to go on walks with you regularly, all of this hard work will have been worth it. Do not hesitate and wait to see if the problem improves on its own.

The best course of action is always going to be to tackle things head-on and try to solve the problem first.

You should take your dog to a quiet and isolated location to practice

Learning something new can be difficult for a puppy. It is even more difficult if the world around them is bustling with activity. If you have been trying to teach them how to walk on a leash and having difficulty and then try taking them somewhere more peaceful.

If you are able to eliminate most of the distractions from the environment, your dog will pay more attention. When your dog is paying more attention, it is easier for them to learn.

There is also less to be afraid of in the world if you are somewhere that is peaceful. This will make it easier for your dog to feel relaxed and ready to go on a walk with you.

Do not start tugging on the leash right away

One of the first instincts for most people, whenever they are walking their dog, is to tug on the leash if they stop. This can be effective if the dog already knows how to walk on a leash.

However, if the dog has not already been leash trained, then they will not understand what is happening or why. Instead of making them want to walk with you more quickly, they could get frightened.

This will have the overall opposite result that you were hoping for. They will actually be less excited to go on a walk with you.

Go slowly with your dog while you are teaching them how to walk on a leash

Patient whenever you are teaching your dog something new. Dogs are very intelligent creatures, but they still are not people. They will learn from you, but it will take more time than you may be expecting it to.

As long as you are patient and continuously train your dog, they will get better over time. It will be worth it whenever you can take them on walks anywhere that you want to.

Give your dog plenty of rewards to incentivize good behavior

While you are training them, you need to make sure that there is plenty of incentive to make them engaged.

One of the best types of rewards that you can give your dog is a treat. Most dogs are very food driven and will pay close attention to sources of potential threats.

By giving them treats whenever they behave properly, you are encouraging them to behave in that way more often.

Do not get upset at your dog if they don’t listen right away

This is going to be in the opposite direction of the previous tip. Your dog will make mistakes, and he will get on your nerves. That is an unavoidable fact.

You need to be prepared for whenever this occurs so that you can retain control over your self. If you find that you are getting frustrated with your dog while you are training them to resist lashing out. It will only make the training process lengthier and more difficult.

Your dog could be afraid of the leash for some reason

Sometimes dogs will have an irrational fear of inanimate objects. If they are afraid of the leash, then you may want to try and get a different leash.

It could be that they are afraid of all leashes in which case that would be very difficult to overcome. They could also simply be afraid of the particular lease that you are trying to use for some reason.

You can try to take them somewhere that you can walk them off of the leash first

If you cannot get your dog to walk with you on a leash at all, then you can try to go somewhere and walk without a leash. Sometimes dogs simply will not ever learn to walk on a leash very well.

These very same dogs will walk with you off of a leash, no problem, though. You want to go somewhere that does not have very many people to let them walk off the leash.

You could try and take them to a vet to get a professional opinion

If you think that there may be a medical cause for your dog’s behavior, then take them to the vet. A veterinarian is going to be the only person who is capable of giving you a professional opinion.

They will be able to let you know if you need to seek medical treatment or not.

You can hire a professional dog trainer to help you train your dog

If you still have been having difficulty with your dog and unable to come up with a solution, then it may be time to hire a professional.

There are plenty of dog trainers that do this for a living. They will be able to get your dog to behave much better. Most of them are typically fairly affordable as well.

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