7 Tips if Your Puppy Has Dandruff

When a puppy develops dandruff, as a pet parent you should act fast. As much as dandruff are common occurrences among animals, they have underlying triggers. If your puppy is often itchy because of dandruff.

You should move fast to get your puppy some help. Dandruff in puppies can arise due to various factors.

Among the most known are allergies, skin problems, or genetic disorders. Knowing the root cause of the dandruff is among the ways you get to find your puppy help.

Therefore if your puppy has dandruff, being in worry is a good sign. Worry is among the ways you get to show you deeply care for your puppy.

However, what you require so much are some guidelines on how to deal with your puppy’s dandruff.

Here is a list of what to do to help deal with the dandruff situation.

Regular grooming

If your puppy’s dandruff case is mild. You will want to try grooming him more often. A puppy who is not clean might have mild cases of dandruff. Your puppy’s fur will at times get dirty.

You don’t have to wash him every day but once a while washes his fur. Brush his coat regularly. As you brush, you can massage the puppy’s skin.

The brushing and massaging get to distribute natural oils on the skin. Even the distribution of natural oils will help get rid of the mild case of dandruff.

Buy a humidifier

Dry air in the house can lead to drying of the skin too. Having a considerable amount of moisture where your puppy sleeps will help with the soothing of his skin.

Dry air will not only affect your puppy but also you. Humidifiers can be bought in most online shops.

You just make an order and have the humidifier brought to you. A humidifier will easily help with mild dandruff on your puppy’s skin.

Use Omega-3 fatty acids supplements in your dog’s diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are available in various edibles. All you require is some knowledge on which the edibles are. Walnuts are known to have Omega-3.

Also, leafy vegetables have some elements of Omega-3 fatty acids. As much as your puppy might not be a fan of leafy vegetables, you can add one or two to his diet.

Alternatively, you can buy supplements that have fatty acids. Supplements can be bought from most online shops. Therefore you don’t have to worry about where to get them. Omega-3 gets to improve the health of your puppy’s skin including the skin.

For the supplements, you might require to talk to a veterinary. There is importance in knowing how legit the supplements are and if they are good for your puppy.

A simple mistake with supplements and you might jeopardize the health of your puppy.

Know the breed of your dog beforehand

Different breeds of dogs come with various challenges. For dogs who are always susceptible to dandruff, weather changes get to affect them negatively.

When you are aware of the various breeds and their skin conditions, you will know what to do with your puppy. The moment he gets home you will already have the right diet and oils for his skin.

However, since he is already home, you can still go ahead and research breeds. From there you will know what you should buy to make your dog’s skin free of dandruff at all times.

Consult a Veterinary Nutritionist on a puppy diet

Giving your puppy the right diet will greatly help with skin conditions like dandruff. Knowing the right diet can be hard at times. Therefore you can work with a veterinary nutritionist to get insights on the right meals for your puppy.

You will get to realize most of the nutritious puppy foods are readily available. Also going slow on foods with lots of chemicals can be a great help. If your dog is allergic to some foods, the same will trigger dandruff.

Also taking time to personally prepare nutritious meals for your puppy is a step in the right direction. When you prepare meals at home, you get to protect your puppy from foods that are full of chemicals.

With a menu from the puppy’s veterinary nutritionist, cooking at home is the ultimate solution.

Use anti-dandruff dog shampoo

Ensure the shampoo is specifically made for dog skin. Human and dog skins are completely different.

The pH levels of human skin and puppy skin have great variance. A shampoo meant for you won’t work on your puppy. Therefore when making a purchase give specifications and state what you want.

Also, shampoos that have oatmeal work well on itchy skin. If your puppy’s dandruff is causing him some level of itchiness buy the right shampoo. Also, such shampoos get to moisturize the dog’s skin and make the skin feel soft.

Take your dog to a veterinary

Experts have always been of the view dandruff are as a result of a secondary cause. The cause can be allergies, skin problems, or genetic disorders. To establish any secondary cause you should visit a veterinary with your puppy.

The veterinary after conducting all the relevant tests will then rule out or confirm any of the causes.

Allergies can either be a result of food or the environment. Food allergies will require you to change your puppy’s diet.

The right diet will see dandruff go away and your puppy getting back to his normal skin. For environmental allergies, your puppy will probably get medication for the same.

Experts will let you know the potential causes of skin infections which happen to be bacterial and yeast.

For a skin infection, your puppy might get an antiseptic or oral medication.

As you can see, dandruff is manageable. Your puppy does not have to suffer because of dandruff. The earlier you take note of dandruff and move fast to find a solution.

The better for your puppy. Reach out to the relevant parties, buy the right commodities, and your puppy will be fine. Always stay ahead on your puppy’s health.

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