My Puppy Has Green Eye Boogers

Like human eyes, dogs’ eyes naturally produce eye boogers. The typical discharge is either grey or white. This one consists of trapped debris and mucus, excreted from the eye. However, if you realize that your dog has green or yellow eye boogers, they possibly have an eye health issue. Additionally, the abnormal type of discharge happens all the time and not only in the morning.

The dog discharge is commonly called boogers and is something that you can treat and improve your dog’s vision health. Below is more information on green eye boogers, their causes, and how you can treat the condition.  

Causes of Green Eye Boogers in Dogs

More often than not, allergies and irritation cause abnormal dog eye discharges. Dust and debris in the eyes are a common cause of these allergies. Additionally, if a foreign object is stuck in the eye, it is also likely to cause the yellow or green dog eye boogers. Other common causes of green eye boogers in dogs are:


Conjunctivitis is inflammation in the lining of the eye. Reasons for this inflammation are allergies, injuries, problems with the tear duct, and congenital disabilities. If your dog has green eye boogers, they may be suffering from conjunctivitis. Other signs that will help you identify this condition are itchy and painful eyes, redness, and inflamed conjunctiva. In case you realize such symptoms, get in touch with your vet to avoid deterioration of the dog’s vision.


Epiphora is a condition in dogs that means excessive tearing. If your dog is tearing excess fully, it may result in staining, skin infections, or smelly fur. Additionally, it may cause allergies, tumors, or corneal ulcers. Such conditions of excessive tearing will later cause green eye boogers. This is also a condition requiring urgent medical attention since it could lead to complete eye loss if ignored.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a condition that affects both humans and dogs. When your dog has dry eyes, they do not produce enough tears, which leads to inflammation and excess mucus. This makes the eyes appear inflamed and will also cause green or yellow boogers. Please consult your vet soon to identify the dry eye’s causes and know how to treat it. Treating the dry eye condition will help avoid green eye boogers.

Treatment for Green Eye Boogers

As seen above, if your dog is producing green eye boogers, the high chances are that there is an existing eye problem. Since most of these reasons could lead to problems with the dog’s vision, it is advisable to work closely with your vet. Based on the reason for the infection, your vet will offer various treatment solutions. For instance, they may administer antibiotics or steroids to treat the existing condition. Additionally, they may recommend surgery, depending on how far the condition has affected the eyes.

How to Apply a Dog’s Eye Medication?

Most of the vet medication for eye boogers is to be applied directly to the eyes. However, applying medication to your dog’s eye is easier said than done. Before applying the medication:

Start by cleaning any discharge around the eye with warm water and a cotton ball.

If you apply an eye ointment, place your hand in the dog’s head and gently pull down the dog’s lower lid.

Be careful to avoid the chances of the dog hitting the eye with the ointment applicator.

On the other hand, if you are using eye drops, rest your hand on the head and tilt it back a little for you to apply the eye drops. After applying either the ointment or eye drops, close the lids for some seconds to apply it to spread evenly in the eye drops.

How to Prevent Dog Eye Problems?

Infections in dog eyes could result in major problems with their vision. Therefore, as the dog owner, watch out to prevent all possible eye problems. For instance, ensure that the hair surrounding the eyes is clean to avoid debris from accumulating. Additionally, have regular appointments with your vet to check on your dog’s health, vision health included. You can also notice abnormal eye problems like rubbing the eye or redness and swelling and act before they result in other complications.


The green eye boogers in your dog’s eyes indicate that there is a problem with the eyes. Therefore, you need to seek help from a vet as soon as possible to avoid more complications. Additionally, pay attention to other signs of dog eyesight problems and act fast to help save your dog’s sight.   

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