My Puppy Is Peeing Bed All the Time

Every dog owner can tell you that accidents will happen from time to time when you get a new puppy. If you find yourself having to clean up after a midnight mistake, do not be surprised. It can take time to teach an animal how to use the bathroom properly.

This does not make it an easy process to go through. It is still frustrating to wake up and have to deal with a bed that has been peed on. There are plenty of programs that you can watch on how to teach your dog how to pee.

If you already have potty train your animal and they still are paying the bed from time to time, there are a few different reasons they could be doing this. Let’s take a look and see what it is that might cause an animal to act this way.

Then we will look and see what you should be doing to take care of it. It should not take very much time at all. You will have a well-behaved animal before too long as long as you are consistent with your discipline.

You may need to take them out to the bathroom before bed

If normally your animal is good about going to the bathroom outside, but suddenly they are paying the bed, then you might not be letting them go to the bathroom often enough.

One of the best things that you can do is allow them to go outside right before they go to bed. This will give them one final chance before they lay down to use the bathroom.

If you do not allow an animal to do this, then when they go to bed, they could wake up and need to go. If there is not anywhere for them to go, then they might use it in their bed. This is a mistake that you would obviously rather avoid if possible.

Just let them out for a couple of minutes before you lay them down for the night. If they need to go to the bathroom, then they should. This will stop this problem from occurring.

Try to take them out again the middle of the night to use the bathroom

If you have been letting them go to the bathroom before they lay down for bed, but they are still using the bathroom in the bed, you can try to wake up in the middle of the night.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and let them out, then they may go to the bathroom outside instead of in the bed. Some animals have incredibly small letters and will need to use the bathroom more than one time in one night.

If you do not let them out in the middle of the night, the only place there is for them to use the bathroom is on the bed.

It is possible that they have a bladder or urinary tract infection

Sometimes animals can get health problems that make them use the bathroom when they are in bed. If you have a dog and they get a bladder or urinary tract infection, it could make them need to go to the bathroom very often.

If you do not take them out to the bathroom often enough, and they will end up using it in the bed. Also, if you suspect that they have one of these infections, then you can take them to a vet to get treatment.

You can try to give them positive reinforcements when they use the bathroom before bed

If you have been working with your animal on teaching them to not use the bathroom in the bed at night, try to use positive reinforcement.

This means that whenever they use the bathroom where they are supposed to and not in the bed that you give them a reward. This will teach them that there is an incentive for using the bathroom in the proper place.

Positive reinforcement leads to classroom behavior changes in dogs much more quickly than negative reinforcement does.

Do not punish them for using the bathroom in the bed

If you do not catch your dog right in the middle of the act of using the bathroom, then you should not punish them. It is most likely to faraway for the dog to make the connection between the punishment and their behavior.

If you punish them and they are unable to make that connection, then it is a counterproductive action. It simply makes the dog believe that you are mad at them, but they do not know why.

Instead, you should avoid negative reinforcement and try to stick to only positive reinforcement, if at all possible.

They may pee the bed because they are drinking too much water

If you are allowing your animal to drink as much water as they would like before bed, then they may drink too much.

If a young dog drinks too much water before they lay down then there is a good chance that they will be the bed in the middle of the night.

You can avoid this by limiting the amount of water that they drink before they go to sleep.

You can try to take them to the vet to see if there is a medical problem

If you suspect that there is a medical cause for the problem, then you can take your dog to the vet. They will be able to tell you exactly what the cause of the problem is.

They can also help you figure out what the best method of treatment for the problem would be.

You may simply need to train them on how to use the bathroom properly

dogs are not born potty trained. This means that you are going to need to train them on how to use the bathroom.

There are plenty of programs that are out there that can show you how to do this. It is a fairly simple process and will make your life much easier in the long run.

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