My Puppy Is Shaking a Lot

There are many reasons that a puppy will start shaking. If you have a puppy and they have recently started to tremble, you might be a little worried. Now, there are reasons that you should be worried and plenty of other reasons that you shouldn’t.

Dogs can tremble whenever they are feeling good, and whenever they are feeling bad. When exactly a dog shivers are partially dependent on the personality of the dog itself. If your dog has recently been shivering a lot, then you may want to look into it a little more.

While in the majority of cases, it is not a sign of anything too serious, there are a few where it is. In this article, we are going to show you a few pieces of advice on how to handle this type of situation.

By the end of it, you should know exactly how to handle your self when you find your dog trembling. So let’s get started learning how to respond when your dog is trembling.

You should check to see if your dog is suffering from distemper

Should start off by checking for the most serious reason that a dog might be shaking. There is a condition called distemper that dogs can get. One of the symptoms of this condition is trembling excessively.

If you notice that your daughter has been shaking a lot then you need to check to see if they have distemper. It is most common in younger dogs and dogs that have not been vaccinated. It is caused by a virus that is exclusive to canines.

You can check to see if your dog has any discharge from their eyes or if they are running a fever. Those are the two other most common symptoms that come along with the distemper virus.

You may have accidentally caused your dog to get over-excited

Now, this is not necessarily a reason for concern, but you should still handle it. Sometimes, and particularly with younger dogs, dogs will shake simply because they are excited. Owners may not realize how they are interacting with their dog and how it affects their dog.

If you have been playing with them, and then suddenly they stop, and they are trembling, they could be over-excited.

When a dog gets into a state of over-excitement, sometimes it can translate into a sense of anxiety.

They are highly stimulated, and they need help to calm down. Speak gently to your puppy and soothe them if you think that they are shaking for this reason.

Make sure that your dog is not in pain

Another one of the more concerning reasons is pain. Dogs will occasionally start to tremble if they are in pain. This could be from a cut or from some internal injury as well.

You should visually inspect your dog to see if there are any obvious signs of damage. If you cannot find any, then pay attention to see if they display any signs of pain other than the trembling.

Your dog may have an upset stomach or nausea

Another reason that your dog may be trembling is that they have an upset stomach. Many times before a dog will vomit, they will start to tremble. It is not known exactly why they do this, but it is something that happens.

Did you give your dog anything different than what they normally eat? If you have, then this is most likely the reason that they are trembling.

Make sure that they have plenty of water and keep an eye on them. Most likely, once they have thrown up, they will be back to normal.

If they do not revert back to normal and you may want to take them to a vet. It could be something even more serious.

Check to see that your dog is feeling comfortable temperature-wise

Humans and dogs will both shiver when they get too cold. If you have noticed that your dog is shivering, then you may want to check the temperature.

If you are outside and it is rather cold, then you want to make sure that your dog warms up. You can do this by cuddling with them, bringing them inside, or giving them clothes. Once they are no longer cold, the shivering should cease.

If you notice that your dog is shivering for this reason, often, you should get them some permanent clothing. It would not be very fun to be a dog, and stuck feeling like you are freezing all of the time.

Check to see if there are any other symptoms besides shivering

There are many canine diseases and viruses that will display shivering and one of the symptoms. That is right, there are more canine viruses and diseases besides just the distemper virus.

Many of them will cause shivering. The easiest way to determine if your dog is sick or if it is something else is to look for other symptoms. Almost all other viruses will display some symptoms besides trembling.

If you are suspecting that your dog may have a condition more serious than you need to contact your event. The more quickly than you can get them seen, the better the outcomes will be.

If you suspect something is seriously wrong then call your vet immediately

If you have walked through all of the other steps and are unable to determine the cause go to the vet. And if your dog is shaking excessively for extended periods of time, this could be a very serious sign.

It would be much better for you to go and check just to make sure and be wrong. Imagine how good it would feel once you were told that you were worrying over nothing.

Once you get your dog to the vet, they will be able to give you the professional advice that you need. They can check to make sure that your dog is perfectly healthy and give you advice.

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