Does Your Puppy Like to Eat Grass? When to Worry

Not all dogs want to eat grass. Different breeds of dogs eat grass for varying reasons. Veterinarians report that there is nothing to worry about if your puppy begins to eat grass.

Eating grass for domestic and wild canines is normal. However, the grass should not contain any type of contaminants.

If your yard is well-maintained, then it may not be a good idea to have your puppy munching on grass. In all likelihood, your grass looks beautiful, but it may contain pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

Eating grass for your puppy is called ‘Pica’. Pica is simply people or animals who eat other objects than food. As an unhealthy condition, Pica can be brought on due to iron deficiency, malnutrition, anemia, or infectious bacteria.

Therefore, when your puppy eats grass it is a type of Pica disorder. Pica disorder stands for the body needing something it is missing.

Many puppy owners are purchasing organic grass and keeping in it their home. The most notable reason for your puppy to eat grass is associated with vomiting. When a canine eats grass it generally means they have an upset stomach.

There are also other reasons why your puppy may suddenly enjoy munching on the grass in your yard.

Let’s look at these reasons and how it affects their health.

Puppies running around in the yard can develop intestinal parasites

Parasites live in bad soil, standing water, animal feces, and certain foods. Puppies are more commonly diagnosed with intestinal parasites because they inherit from their mother.

Parasites enter a puppy’s stomach through nursing or before birth. For this reason, puppies should be inoculated as soon as possible. However, many rural area canine conditions don’t allow puppies to receive the proper medication.

Thankfully, mother nature compels your puppy to eat grass. When your puppy vomits it also expels intestinal worms. Yes, this is yucky, but it is a fact of canine life.

Eating grass may help alleviate an upset stomach

The nice long blades of grass are known to tickle their throat which leads to a vomiting reflex. Ingesting grass by your puppy is an innate reflex technique for your best friend to relieve themselves of an upset stomach.

Less than 10% of dogs actually get sick after eating grass. Therefore, if your puppy regurgitates after eating grass, it is their way of purging. Some veterinarians believe there are chemicals in the grass itself that eases their stomach if they are having digestive problems.

Instinctively, puppies may eat grass because of its fiber content

Manufacturers of dog foods put up to 5% of the fiber in their products. Fiber allows dogs to poop healthy.

It also regulates their intestinal system, enabling them to digest their food smoothly. Vets also believe that eating grass enables them to instinctively make up for a nutritional deficiency.

In addition to why puppies eat grass, the simplest answer may be that it tastes good to them. Puppy owners have further noticed that their best friends enjoy eating grass in the spring when new grass is sprouting.

Your puppy may enjoy the green, long blades of a specific cut of grass without vomiting. Eating grass may induce a type of dopamine effect. Grass as part of their diet may be rewarding to them.

Canines are both meat eaters and plant eaters

Another theory why your puppy wants to eat grass may be related to their desire to satisfy their hunger pangs. Check your puppy’s food to ensure that it contains all the nutrition they need.

Also, if you feed your puppy homemade foods, check with your vet to make sure your puppy is getting healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.

Canines are omnivores; thus they are naturally drawn to grass for several reasons, not yet fully understood.

Since the grass will not harm them if they eat a little each day, it is a natural salad that they clearly like. Eating grass because they remain hungry even after they have eaten should be checked by a veterinarian.

Animal experts have a theory that includes puppies who become bored as the reason why they eat grass

Puppies have an abundance of energy with their running and jumping exercises. Bored canines may eat grass just to have something to do.

If your puppy is left alone too long during the day, eating grass when they are let outdoors may be a stimulate. Puppies should be exercised by owners daily. Add more games to their daily activity.

For example, throwing a ball, giving them a motorized chew toy, or set up a doggie maze for them to run through. It will help burn up all that excess energy and it will take their minds off eating grass.

Your young puppy is outdoors exploring their environment

All of a sudden, he/she starts eating grass. You are surprised and you want your puppy to stop eating immediately. Since this incident, you have learned that eating grass is a normal habit for dogs.

Puppies eating grass can simply be following their basic instinct to taste everything to learn more about the world.

Puppies use their mouth and nose to learn more about their environment. Since they close to the ground, eating or tasting grass is normal behavior.


Don’t take your puppy eating grass personally. As long as they are happily wagging their tail when they are gnawing on a blade of grass, everything is okay.

However, if you don’t want your puppy eating grass when they go outdoors, distract them. Throw some toys around the yard to get their attention rather than a blade of grass.

Remember that grass is not a normal food that is easily digested by puppies. If your puppy begins to spit or cough after eating grass, let nature take its course.

Chances are your puppy will vomit up a white foamy or yellowish mixture.

This means that nature has cleared the grass from their throat and/or stomach. Their system has been purged from this indigestible substance.

Everything is okay, especially if this event only occurs once. Otherwise, consult with your vet.

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