My Puppy Lost a Tooth

So your puppy lost a tooth?!? Congratulations on your very normal, growing puppy!

As long as there isn’t a huge mess of blood and you can confirm that the puppy is not in any pain, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Here are a few ideas, should you find yourself in the way of a puppy with one less tooth is his cute puppy mouth!

Look for the tooth

Double-check that your dog lost the tooth naturally. If you find a broken toy or an object that is broken on the floor, this could have caused a broken tooth.

Look into your puppy’s mouth. If there is too much blood or the tooth has not come out in one piece, send a pic to your local vet and make an appointment to make sure that the puppy doesn’t have any pain.

Make a necklace out of it

A puppy tooth is a precious thing. Look for some embroidery thread and tie up a friendship bracelet. This way, you can tie the puppy tooth into the thread and make a cute necklace out of it.

Losing a puppy tooth symbolizes growth. Wear your puppy tooth until it falls off so that you can channel the good energy of time moving forward and new things.

You might also find a locket or a chain with a little pouch for a keepsake. If you go this route, you can collect the baby teeth into the same place over time.

Whatever you choose, saving your puppy tooth is a special thing for you and your dog if you are into sentimental keepsakes.

Have the tooth fairy visit

It could be a fun time for you and your canine if you choose to let the tooth fairy visit your animal. Save the tooth for the day and create a little tooth fairy pouch for the night.

You can use a drawstring bag or simply fold the tooth into a bandanna. Place the carefully wrapped tooth where ever the pup will lay to sleep at night.

When your pup is sound asleep, take the bandanna and replace the tooth with a sweet puppy treat. When your puppy wakes up, he will be delighted even though he might not completely understand what is going on.

Puppies may or may not be aware that the reason for the treat is due to the new gap in their gums. However, we know you will have fun and when you are happy, your puppy will be happy too.

Give him a hug

If your puppy looks confused at the new feeling in their mouth, hold the pup and let the puppy know that everything is just fine. Losing dog teeth is natural and even though they may not know what happened, your calm and understanding energy will make your puppy feel safe and free of worry.

A puppy hug tends to always make things better and helps the two of you feel secure and loved. No matter what happens, stay calm, and let your puppy know that everything is going to be alright, even with one less tooth.

Celebrate with a dog cake

Your pup lost a tooth! That means his body is growing up! Celebrate with a tooth fairy cake! You can look up your most favorite homemade dog treats and bake them in your oven at home.

If you stack the dog treats, you can make a little tooth fairy treat tower. You might also spread a little peanut butter on to each treat and create a little dog treat cake. If you stack them into a cube, you can wrap a ribbon around the top and present it to your puppy to tear apart with his leftover teeth.

Be mindful to collect a handful of treats when your puppy takes the ribbon off so that your puppy will not get sick from eating too many treats at once.

You can place the remaining treats in a special treat container. You might also think about saving them in a zip lock bag in the freezer so that the next time you have a free tooth, you can celebrate with a frozen treat.

Put it in a special place

There are many different kinds of keepsake boxes. Look for a keepsake box that holds sentimental value for you and your pup.

There are places online that sell such items, so you might want to do a search for keepsake boxes on a website like or You can also go to your local dollar store to find a box that you can modify or use just the way it is.

Another idea is to visit your local craft store and create a keepsake box for your self. With a little bit of clay and acrylic paint, you can make a keepsake box at home.

If you go this route, you could place your puppy’s paw on top of the box to leave a puppy print of your growing dog.

Make an appointment with your vet

If your puppy lost a tooth, that means they are growing! It might be a good idea to visit your local vet and double-check that your pup is up to date on all of his or her shots.

Has the puppy’s mouth examined to help settle your fears? You might ask what you should do if you ever find a puppy tooth again and let your vet help you feel more secure about being a puppy parent in the growth period of new teeth!

We hope that this article helped to calm you down. It’s such a special thing to have a growing puppy in your home.

You and your puppy will have so many experiences together and losing teeth is just one more experience that the two of you will grow through.

If you enjoyed this article, we hope you will check out a few of our others so as to stay connected with us and your growing puppy!

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