8 Reasons Your Puppy Loves to Cuddle

There are a lot of peculiar behaviors that you will get used to as the owner of a new puppy. New puppies will constantly change and surprise you with new things that they are doing.

Sometimes the things that they decide to do can be a little annoying even if they are cute. For example, whenever a puppy is trying to cuddle you, it can be cute, but if they do with all of the time, it can quickly get annoying.

There are several different reasons that your puppy may start to act this way. If you find yourself in the situation of having a puppy that is trying to be a little too friendly, then you are in the right place. We are going to show you what you need to do to make sure that your puppy gets past this issue.

It is mostly not a big deal if your puppy likes to cuddle a little too much. The majority of dogs that displayed this type of behavior quickly grow out of it as they age.

There are a few things that you can try to do in the meantime to alleviate the frustration this behavior causes, though.

Your dog may not be getting enough attention at home

One of the biggest reasons that your puppy may be trying to get your attention by coddling you is because they feel neglected. They may not actually be neglected, but puppies can be notoriously needy when they are young.

You could try to start giving them a little more one-on-one time at home. If you give them a little more direct attention at home, than they may feel more secure in their relationship with you.

This could let them feel like they do not need to cuddle with you quite as much. Ultimately this behavior should dissipate over time as the puppy grows in age, though.

You could try to get another pet to keep your dog company during the day

If it is impossible for you to spend any more time with your dog than you already do, then you may try to get another pet. Sometimes getting another pet can help to keep your pet company during the day.

This will help them to not feel as lonely, so they do not try to cuddle as much. This is not a perfect solution because there is no guarantee that the new pet will get along with your current pet.

However, if the situation does work out, then it can be one of the best long-term solutions possible. They will always be able to keep each other company. So you will not need to worry about either one of them ever feeling too lonely.

Try playing with the dog more often to drain some of their energy

One of the other major reasons that a dog could be displaying behavior like this is because they have too much energy. If you do not let your dog go outside enough or play with them enough, then they will get restless.

If your dog starts to feel restless, then it is not uncommon for them to try and cuddle people. Sometimes they will even switch from cuddling to actively trying to play with people.

The only thing that you can really do in the situation is to try to play with them more often. If you play with them more often, it should help to taper down some of that excess energy that your dog has been displaying recently.

Your dog may be feeling too cold wherever they are at currently

Another one of the biggest reasons that your dog may be trying to cuddle is because they are cold. If your dog is a dog that sleeps outside normally, then this is especially likely.

If you find that your puppy is trying to cuddle you because it is too cold, then you need to try and warm them up.

You could warm them up with your body heat by letting them cuddle you. You could also let them sleep inside where it is already warm. Another option is to give them a blanket or put a sweater on them. All of these will help to keep your little guy warm.

Your dog could be trying to protect you from something

Dogs will also try to cuddle you if they feel they need to protect you from something. There may not be an actual threat that is around, but it does not matter in the mind of your dog.

They believe that they need to protect their masters. This type of behavior should go away as they grow older.

Your dog may be feeling afraid of something

Another reason that your dog may try to cuddle you is that he is afraid of something. There could have been a loud noise or another animal, but sitting in your lap helps him to feel comfortable.

This type of behavior should also go away whenever they get older.

Your dog may be trying to give you some affection

Dogs also like to cuddle you because they want to show you appreciation. If they are cuddling you to show you affection, then they will probably try to lick you as well.

These are the two most common ways that a dog will try to show their owners affection. You should feel honored if your dog is happy enough with you to treat you like this.

Your dog may be feeling stressed about something

Finally, if your dog is feeling stressed, they made try to cuddle you as well. There are a lot of different things that could be making your dog stress.

You could try to get them some type of supplement over the counter to help them with their stress and anxiety. There are several different things that you can take for this for your dog.

Most of these will allow your dog to sleep more comfortably and feel much less stressed.

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