My Puppy Only Poops Twice a Day

There are some facets of life you can definitely count on. The sun always rises in the East. Moss will only grow on the Northside of a tree. Peanut butter will always go good with jelly. Safe to say, you can take those to the bank!

Then you have the definite facets of your pet’s life. They never wipe their paws before coming into the house. They will never tell your deepest, darkest secret. And, they will poop everywhere and often. Rock-solid, undeniable truth.

Pretty much the same goes for children as it does for pets. But for argument’s sake, let’s focus on the pooping issues for a moment. Pooping as it pertains to your new puppy.

Now we’re talking about some poop! Or, are we? Just like a newborn baby, your pet didn’t come with an instruction manual either. But you do have the internet. And you do have questions concerning your pooches poop.

The issue isn’t there is too much poop. And you aren’t certain if it is too little either. Perhaps a good deal of information, both here and the internet can provide you with an answer.

Your question is, my puppy is only pooping twice a day. Is it normal or should I be concerned? Well, off we go for another round of ‘puppy and me!’

How much is too much?

The amount of poop your puppy produces is relevant to their size and the amount they eat. The average puppy will poop one or two times per day.

However, some can poop up to four or five times per day. The difference being, between a Great Dane pup and a Boston Terrier pup. It’s all according to their size and their breed.

Your puppy should be pooping about the same size as the amount of food they eat. And he should be pooping about the same time(s) every day.

If he goes from two times per day to five times per day, there may be some stomach issues at hand. And a vet visit in his immediate future.

What color?

Your puppy may be trying to show you he has a stomach problem. A dog owner is also quite the color code breaker. Noticing different colors as well as shapes in the poop can indicate what might be going on inside his tummy.

Here’s a list of some of the more common colors and what they could indicate:

  • Slimmy and green could mean your pup has been eating grass to relieve his stomach problems
  • Black and tar-like could mean the pup has some internal bleeding
  • Orange-yellow could mean there are liver or pancreas issues
  • White spots are usually a sign of tapeworms or roundworms

There are more colors to indicate other problems, but these are the most serious and require immediate medical attention.

If your puppy poops four times per day and suddenly drops to one or two, one of the above conditions may be the cause.

Designated poop spot

Another way the puppy’s poop schedule could be off is where you make him go. If you are trying to get them to go only outside, don’t suddenly change to inside.

They are busy enough to learn about the proper procedures for everything they do. Don’t go changing venues as it causes confusion and the puppy might just be scared to go poop.

Think about it. the message they are getting is, poop here, poop here, poop here, now poop over here. Inconsistency in the pooping spot might cause tummy issues.

Consistent feeding times

Get your puppy on a designated feeding schedule as soon as possible. It will help in determining the actual frequency of the poops and the amount as well.

Most puppy owners offer up plenty of food and water all day. And it’s okay if you do it right. Don’t let them eat at will all day. It’s neither healthy nor helping the issue.

If you want them to be able to eat whenever they want to limit the amount. Give them all they want at mealtime and just enough to calm a growling tummy the rest of the time. And of course keep plenty of fresh, clean water available at all times.

If you are training your puppy some activity like fetch or tug-of-war, watch out about overfeeding them treats. Treats are a valuable teaching tool, but they are loaded with calories and certain ingredients which may cause constipation. Use them sparingly.

If you have noticed your puppy has gone from three to four times per day and suddenly drops to one, think. Are they being trained to do anything right now? If so, the treats could be causing the stomach some discomfort.

Puppy food ingredients

Maybe you have changed to a different puppy food or the vet has recommended a change. The sudden pooping only twice a day might be a simple reaction from different food.

Read the label and see if it has lots of protein or lots of fiber. One makes you go, the other not as much. Whatever you are feeding your new ‘baby’ just make sure he’s getting enough of the right stuff!

No sense giving him food loaded with fiber when going is not the problem!

Is he an only child?

Is our pup in question the only dog in the house? If you have additional dogs, pups, or otherwise, and you want them to all go in the same place, good luck.

Your puppy might be limiting his poops to twice per day because he doesn’t like the poo place. And you do not want your puppy to be holding his poop on purpose. It’s dangerous to their whole digestive tract not to empty all at once, several times per day.

In conclusion

A puppy who only poops twice a day is normal for the most part. However, if there is a sudden change in bowel habits or changes in colors there could be other issues.

An awesome puppy usually has an awesome owner who knows an awesome vet. Maybe they should all get together for an awesome check-up to be sure, and safe!

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