My Puppy Refuses to Use the Bathroom Outside

Owning a puppy is a huge responsibility. It is a brand-new creature that’s life is entirely in your hands.

Even though it is such a responsibility and the creature is totally helpless, that does not prevent us from being frustrated occasionally.

This is especially true when things like bathroom accidents happen. If you have experienced walking into your room and finding a little accident that was made by your pet, then you know how infuriating this can be.

There is a right and wrong way to respond to such a situation. If you really want your animal to be able to live a happy life with you, then you need to teach them how to behave well. This will take a little bit of time, but with the proper guidance, it should not be too difficult of a task.

In this article, you’re going to show you what you need to do if you find your dog having bathroom accidents often. In the vast majority of cases, it does not end up being a big deal.

All you need is a little bit of time and commitment to help teach your dog the right way.

Your dog may just need a little more time to learn how to use the bathroom properly

If your puppy is not going outside to go to the bathroom and you just got them, they may not have had enough time to learn how yet.

Learning how to go to the bathroom as a dog is not an overnight process. Most dogs will pick up potty training pretty quickly, but you should always expect there to be a few accidents along the way. You can try to get them a kennel and some puppy pads.

That way, if they do make an accident, it is not difficult to clean it up. If you find that this is the reason your puppy is behaving this way, just be patient and continue training them. They should get better soon.

Your dog may have had some bad experiences in the past

This is going to be the most common with dogs that are adopted. Adopted dogs bring with them all of the experiences of their past. Sometimes these are not always the best experiences.

Your dog may have some type of phobia related to going outside because of a traumatic experience that happened to them in the past. It is not much you can try to do other than comfort them and give them time to heal.

You may not have noticed that your dog was asking to go outside

If you have not had a dog for long, then it can be easy to miss the signs that they want to go outside. If you notice that your new dog is acting strangely in any way, then you can try to offer them the chance to go out.

Also, if they really need to go to the bathroom, then they will probably take the chance immediately.

All dogs have a different way of asking for a chance to go to the bathroom. Until you know your dog a little bit better, it may be difficult to determine when they need to go.

Until you have built a better communication system between you and your dog, you should just try to let them out multiple times every day.

You may not have taken the time to potty train your dog already

While it will surprise dog owners to hear this, but there are people who believe dogs do not need to be trained to use the bathroom outside.

If you have just adopted a dog and are upset that they are not using the bathroom outside but have not taken the time to train them, the only person there is to blame is yourself. All puppies need guidance in life.

You should reward your dog whenever they behave appropriately

There is a strong tendency for people to try and punish their dogs whenever they have bathroom accidents.

While it may feel good at the moment to take out your frustration on the animal, it is ultimately counterproductive. Negative reinforcement only serves to push the dog away from you and make them want to listen to you even less.

Instead, you should just ignore the behavior clean up after them, and the next time you see them do a good behavior give them positive attention.

Positive reinforcement has been shown to be far more effective when working with dogs.

Younger dogs need to learn how to hold the urge to go to the bathroom better

Whenever a dog is very young, they will need to go to the bathroom very often. If you do not want to be getting up every hour to let your dog in and out of the house, then you will need to let them learn.

Young dogs need to learn that they can hold in the urge to go to the bathroom for much longer than they think. This is a process that will simply take time. They should learn on their own.

Do not punish your dog for making a mistake

This goes hand-in-hand with only using positive reinforcement. If you notice that your dog has made a mistake, do not punish them for it. Unless this mistake is one that has put someone in danger.

In general, dogs will simply learn to avoid you if you start to punish them often. They do not have the same cognitive capacity to reflect on their actions that we do as humans.

You might not be taking your dog out often enough

There is a good chance that if your dog is using the bathroom inside of the house fairly often that you are not taking them out enough.

Young dogs and puppies need to go outside to use the bathroom a lot more often than many people think. You should probably be trying to get them out of the house at least five or six times a day.

If the puppies are very young, then you should be trying to get them out at least once an hour.

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