Does Your Puppy Smells Like Fish? What to Know

It happens more than you may realize. Strange odors can sneak up on us without any warning, especially when they do not come from us.

When we investigate the odor, we will soon realize it is coming from your puppy. You will soon wonder why does my buddy smell so musty, especially a fish smell?

When my puppy smells like fish, what should I do? I want him to smell good. No one wants their puppy smelling bad.

Specific odors which come from your pet can be a normal part of their life. But they can also be signals for actual medical problems that need to be an addressing process.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, but if they smell like fish, it is not uncommon. If your puppy smells like fish, it is not because he ate a whole dish of tuna fish for dinner.

The unpleasant fish odor is normally the result of several factors. The good news is your puppy can remain healthy once several tips are taken. Here are eight tips if your puppy smells like fish.

All of a sudden my puppy’s breath smells like fish

Your puppy’s breath should not have a fish odor. The main reason your puppy has bad breath is due to gum disease or poor dental hygiene. The fish smell usually takes several weeks to develop.

If your dog’s breath develops a fishy smell, it may well be a cause by an infection in their mouth. If your puppy has trouble eating or drops food each day, it is one sign their breath smells like fish.

If you see any changes in your puppy’s health, talk to your vet as soon as you can.

Impactions are not fun

If your puppy smells like fish, their anal sacs may be in trouble. Your dog’s anal glands can naturally come out in small amounts each time he or she has a bowel movement.

When their anal sacs are not out properly or do not have a seal of fluid, it will cause impaction. A veterinarian can check and treat your puppy accordingly.

Dead fish by the lake can cause a smell

If you spend time with your puppy by a lake, he may play too much. Eating or rolling around from time to time eating dead fish is not fun. Seeing your puppy in fish is not good for you and your little one.

The best method is to give your dog a proper bath. Use a good dog shampoo with water and rinse him off well. Then soak the fishy area with a small bottle of lemon juice.

It is important to let it soak for several minutes. Then rinse him off well again. Use a dog conditioner so the smell of fish will be odorless.

When my puppy is afraid, he smells like fish

Remember, puppies are young and always should be taught. Just like kids in humans, they get afraid. When your puppy is afraid, they empty their anal glands fast.

Their gland needs to be out every time they pass a motion. At times when a puppy gets nervous, they will empty their glands suddenly without thinking. When it happens, you may soon smell the fish odor.

When you train your puppy not to be afraid, they will do better. The good news is a visit to the vet is not a requirement.

My puppy’s teeth need to be clean

Brush your puppy’s teeth with an enzymatic toothpaste several times a week. Not only will it prevent bad breath, but no fish smell will be seen.

If you notice your little one has a fishlike odor from their mouth, they could have food stuck between their teeth. An upset stomach, gingivitis, tartar buildup, or a bad tooth are other causes.

Although, your puppy likes his treats, beware of those goodies you give them. They could be a source of a fish smell as well.

My puppy’s urine smells like fish

Although a dog’s diet is different from humans, the truth is their urine should not change. If your puppy’s urine is strong, check it. If it was not noticeable before, it is a good sign he has a urinary tract infection.

A urinary tract infection will cause your dog’s urine to smell like fish. Call your veterinarian to schedule an examination of the urine.

If your veterinarian suspects it is a urinary tract infection, your dog will be put on a series of antibiotics. Antibiotics will clear up the fish smell and the infection.

My puppy has a yeast infection

Yeast grows best in warm places. Yeast infections in dogs are usually found inside their ears. They are often between the toes and back legs, around their eyes, or around the vulva. If it happens, they can develop a fish smell.

Always reduce your puppy’s carbohydrate intake, which includes sugars and starches in your dog’s digestive system.

It will cut back on your puppy from becoming bad and could help stop the infection from getting worse.

Licking and biting might cause your puppy’s fish breath

An anus gland has a block that can still be the culprit giving your puppy’s breath smelling like fish. His natural response will begin biting and licking their rear end. He will want to relieve the distress they are enduring right away.

When you see your puppy biting and licking, it might cause some of the fluid in the anal sac. It can also be a release inside the dog’s mouth or onto its tongue.

Once the fluid gets inside your puppy’s mouth, it can be the cause of why they have a fishy smell.

If your puppy keeps licking and biting, then the best option to do is to take care of the anal gland. Once the uneasiness of your puppy disappears, your dog should stop licking and biting their own butt.

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