Puppy Throwing Up Every Morning? When to Worry

Whenever you own a dog, there are times when it may throw up or vomit. When this happens, it will usually result in some concern.

Anytime your puppy throws up, it can be caused by a number of different things. No matter what causes your puppy to vomit, you will need to follow a few steps in order to find out why it throws up every morning and how you can stop this from happening.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to help your puppy restore its health.

Know what foods it ate

The first step in dealing with your puppy throwing up every morning is to find out what it ate the previous night. Sometimes, your puppy may have eaten stale food or something dirty from the floor.

It may have eaten something dirty from the ground when it was outside during a walk. By knowing what your dog ate the previous day, you can get a good indication of why it threw up.

See if water was contaminated

Another way to cope with your puppy throwing up every morning is to determine if it drank dirty water. After a while, the water will get dirty and have some contaminants in it.

This can have parasites or germs that cause nausea and vomiting for your puppy. If the water was indeed contaminated, then you will need to immediately give it fresh water right before you go to bed.

This will ensure that it doesn’t consume any contaminated water in the future.

Find out if it ate dirty objects

Along with food and water, your puppy may also eat objects that can be very dirty. As a young puppy, it may mistakenly believe that a certain object is a food.

When it believes that an object is a food, it will eat it and get sick. If your puppy consumed a dirty object, they will likely experience nausea and vomiting shortly after.

As a result, you will need to make sure that your puppy does not consume eat any objects that can make it ill in the future.

Take to a veterinarian

If your puppy does not recover after a couple of days, it will be necessary to take it for medical treatment. You will need to take the puppy to a local veterinarian for more observation.

A veterinarian will evaluate the puppy’s symptoms and find out the cause of its frequent vomiting. The veterinarian will ask questions about how frequently it throws up and when it first began.

After giving the veterinarian information about your puppy throwing up, they will then make a diagnosis and provide treatment and advice. It is important to follow their instructions immediately.

Administer medication

After taking your puppy to the veterinarian, you will most likely need to get some medication for it.

When receiving the medication, you will give it to the puppy as directed by the veterinarian. The medication will usually need to be given either once or twice per day.

While giving your puppy the medication, there should be progress in its recovery. In other words, your puppy should stop throwing up shortly after giving it medication.

Keep giving the puppy the prescribed medication as directed until you run out. After giving your puppy the medication, it will likely get back to normal.

Follow vet advice

Along with giving your puppy medication and taking it to the veterinarian, you will also need to follow the exact advice that the veterinarian gave you.

In most cases, your veterinarian will usually tell you to give the puppy the prescribed medication as well as give it fresh water.

The veterinarian may also recommend that you change the puppy’s diet and monitor its daily activities to make sure that it is healthy.

It is very important to take the veterinarian’s advice seriously as it will maximize your chances of ensuring that your puppy recovers.

Give it a new diet

One of the best things that you can do in order to help deal with your puppy throwing up is to give it a new diet. There are some foods that might not agree with your puppy’s digestive system. Some foods may have certain ingredients that cause an upset stomach and nausea.

As a result, you will want to evaluate the foods that you were feeding your puppy before and find ones that are more suitable for your puppy.

Giving your puppy a nutritious diet will ensure that it avoids nausea and stops throwing up every morning. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you what foods to feed your puppy so follow their advice.

Provide fresh water

As well as feeding your puppy a nutritious diet, it is also important to make sure that it always drinks fresh water. One of the reasons why your puppy may throw up is because it drinks dirty water overnight.

As a result, it begins to throw up the next day. Right before you and the puppy go to sleep, give it fresh water so that it can have healthy water to drink while you are asleep.

With freshwater, your puppy will be able to stay hydrated, avoid consuming contaminants, and avoid throwing up in the morning.

Keep away from dirty surfaces

When owning a puppy, it is important to keep it away from surfaces that are dirty and which can have debris that can be hazardous to its health.

Therefore, you must make sure that your puppy does not put its mouth on dirty surfaces or consume anything that is on the ground. You will need to be very strict about this policy. When seeing your puppy put its mouth on the ground immediately get it to stop and continue walking.

By training your puppy to avoid dirty surfaces, you will significantly lower the chances of it getting ill and throwing up.

Monitor puppy

Once your puppy recovers from throwing up in the morning, you will need to monitor it on a regular basis.

Monitoring your puppy will entail overseeing its diet, giving it freshwater, and also making sure that it doesn’t expose itself to any dirty or toxic objects.

You will also need to oversee its activities more closely and make sure that it is healthy and free of any symptoms. By monitoring your puppy, you will be able to ensure that it avoids throwing up in the future.

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