My Puppy’s Testicles Are Red

Testicles are equally an integral part of a puppy’s body. It means that any infection on this part of the body will make your puppy uncomfortable. So, a dog owner needs to do a routine check on their puppy’s genitals. Frequent check-up makes it possible to notice any health issue on the puppy’s testicles in good time.

Note that puppies do experience problems in their genital area, and one of the things you are likely to notice is redness on the testicles. Now you must be wondering if this condition is normal or a health problem that warrants specialized medication. Well, for more information on this, you should read this entire post.

Reasons Why Your Puppy’s Testicles Are Red

Your puppy’s testicles may be red because of various health conditions. Below are some of the reasons why your puppy has this condition:

Bacteria or fungal infection is one major reason why your puppy’s testicles are red. The most common infection is known as Orchitis. It happens to puppies that are left to roam around freely. Roaming puppies do fight and bite each other. When those bites come into contact with deadly bacteria, they cause the infection.

Another reason is testicular torsion. This condition is also known as bladder inflammation. It is a situation where one or both of your puppy’s testicles twist around the connective tissue. The condition can also be because of closed blood supply to the testes. Twisting and blockage of the bladder cause bladder inflammation, hence making the testicles turn red.

A tumor is another reason why your puppy’s testicles are red. However, it mostly affects one testicle, which may also show some signs of swelling. Though it is a rare condition, it does occur to some puppies. If it does show up, then it may warrant immediate specialized diagnosis to rule out the possibility of cancer.

How Should Normal Puppy’s Testicles Look Like?

Regardless of the dog’s body and skin color, the puppy’s testicles should look greyish. However, some may look darker or black. You are also likely to see pink spots on the testicles.

Well, if your puppy’s testicles depict any of these descriptions without any other symptoms then, your puppy is okay. In other words, there is no reason for you to worry. However, if you notice that the testicles’ color is red, things are not okay with your puppy. It is a sign that your puppy has a health problem.

Is Redness of Testicles a Serious or Mild Condition?

When you notice redness on your puppy’s testicles, it may signify the presence of infection or bladder inflammation. The two are conditions that may warrant an emergency and specialized medication. 

It is not something that dog owners should take lightly and decide to treat it on their own. You should see a vet so that your puppy can receive proper diagnosis and medication.

Medication and Treatment

If your vet diagnosis reveals the presence of Orchitis condition, then he may recommend various treatment methods. It may be any of these; intravenous fluids, antibiotic therapy, or anti-inflammatory analgesics or medication for relieving pain.

Other medical procedures may include castration, anti-fungal medication, and cold compresses. They may also carry out immunosuppressive drugs. They are drugs with the ability to suppress the puppy’s immune system.

Home Care Management and Preventive Measures

In the case of Orchitis, ensure that you prevent your puppy from roaming around. That way, there will be no chances of fighting and biting, meaning that there will be no bites and wounds. This measure will decrease exposure to this infection.

If your puppy has undergone castration, ensure that you check the incision daily for any signs of discharge and swelling. However, note that testes may slightly swell after post-operative, but this should go away within two weeks.


The red testicle is generally a severe condition that any puppy owner should not ignore because it can result in severe health conditions, including death. You should learn to take preventive measures seriously. And if your puppy shows no sign of improvement when it has this condition, you should seek specialized medication. A vet should be able to give an appropriate diagnosis and treatment to cure the infection. With the above information, you should be better positioned to make the right decisions for your puppy.

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