8 Warnings If Your Puppy Ate Weed

Rap artists like Slim Thug, Z-Ro, and Lil’ Wayne smoke weed. In their songs and music videos, they blatantly talk about sippin’ and smokin’, and not having to worry about any troubles. There are other things they rap and speak about as well, but primarily their music is focused on how beneficial kush is, not how marijuana is a problem in their every day lives.

Even without celebrity influences, most of us have experimented with weed before in our lives. Weed can become an essential asset in our lives, or an addictive habit, based on how we use it. Animals, on the other hand, normally do not seek out weed, let alone figured out ways to smoke it first hand. However, there are still health concerns that orbit around your dog and weed, especially if you are a regular smoker.

That’s Great, But What Is Weed?

Weed is a mixture of dried, shredded leaves from the marijuana plant. Some consider it a drug, while others see it as an herb. Normally, researchers categorize drugs based on their effects.

Drugs that contain depressants slow down your brain function, whereas stimulants elevate your mood and energy. Some hallucinogens distort your perception of reality and opiates that produce the feeling of euphoria, becoming highly addictive. Weed, technically, is considered all except opiates due to having different strand variations and types.

Is It Okay For My Dog to Eat Weed?

Yes and no.

Weed is safe for consumption, but only in a very small portion. Anything medium to large-sized portions can cause a dog to die. There’s a hemp provision farm bill that was created in 2014.

However, there’s still little research about the repercussions of your dog consuming weed.

I’m Not Comfortable With My Dog Eating Weed. What Are The Side Effects?

It is normal if you are not comfortable with your dog consuming weed. Once a dog consumes weed, it can become lethargic, have lower blood pressure, loss of balance, or very calm. Dogs also contain tons of cannabinoid receptors in their brains. The effects of marijuana for a dog can be more dramatic, potentially toxic compared to humans. Your dog will deal with increased hypersensitivity to touch and sounds and lower body temperature.

What Should I Do If My Dog Consumes Weed?

Dogs who consumed marijuana should drink plenty of water and let it take its course with close supervision. Owners should not try to induce vomiting because it can result in aspiration or lodged in the throat, causing suffocation. It is also best to monitor your dog’s behavior if you’re going to smoke weed around them.

Also, if you have edibles and were consumed by your dog, then it will take between three to five hours for your dog to stop experiencing the effects. Just like with most drugs, the effects of weed are based on chemistry and how the sustenance entered the body. But have no fear! The THC in weed interacts with neurotransmitters in dogs, causing potential harm to the central nervous system, CB1, and peripheral tissues, CB2. However, the fat in the body will absorb the THC, become metabolized in the liver, then excreted in the feces. There will still be a small percentage of THC in your dog’s system, between 10% to 35%, which will be destroyed through the kidneys.

Can I Own A Dog If I’m A Smoker?

Of course! There are tons of pet owners that smoke weed, have a well-paying job, and a loving dog to come home to every day or night. Weed smokers have different routines or rituals when smoking weed. Some prefer to wake up in the morning and start their day off with a joint and finish it off with a blunt. There are stoners, another name for weed smokers, that have a phobia of fire and using lighters. Their alternative way is either dabbing or consuming edibles throughout their day. Smoking weed can place a person in a good state of mind. Marijuana is meant to make you feel relaxed and happy.

However, there are instances where weed can make a person panic. A primary cause for panic would usually be the type of weed you have and smoke. The most basic weed to start with would be kush. Kush contains the right amount of THC that will get you high and calm your nerves. Your dog may notice a change in your emotions or personality and would want to comfort you as well. When smoking for the first time, and the experience becomes scary, causing a panic attack or anxiety, your dog can always be a comforter.

Is It Okay to Smoke Corn Around The Dog?

Corn contains extremely low levels of THC, almost non-existent, and increases possible signs of paranoia. Some stoners do not recommend corn due to the quality of the herb you would initially pay for. Other smokers would recommend it. The preference of strands varies with each person. I promise your dog will not judge you since they do not know what corn is.

Can I Use Weed To Help My Dog Through A Panic or Anxiety Attack?

No, using weed to calm your dog may place your dog at risk of getting sick or die. If your dog has a panic or anxiety attack, then your safest option is to play relaxing music or noises to calm your dog down. There are other ways like rubbing the back of the ears and help to regulate their breathing that can reduce a panic attack.

Some dogs can become highly nervous around different company or unfamiliar with loud noises. Creating a peaceful atmosphere that helps your dog relax through music, gentle touch, or feeding them their favorite treats can make smoking around your dog easier.

Can I Use Weed For Medicine?

It is proven that weed can be used for medicine for recreational purposes. Women who are pregnant can use weed in the edible form to reduce morning sickness and increase their appetite.

Medical marijuana is also available to smoke or consume if you are battling side effects from chemotherapy, like seizures, pain, and vomiting.

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