My Puppy Feels Warm. Should I Worry?

When you compare human and puppy temperature, puppies tend to have a higher temperature than humans. Therefore always expect when you test your temperature alongside your puppy’s, he is going to be higher. If you realize your dog has a higher temperature than you after doing a test, you should not worry much unless he is burning hot. If you are not familiar with the facts surrounding puppies and temperature, you might have concerned if your puppy is always warm. The worries have some justification though, you love your puppy, and you just want to make sure your puppy is fine. Before you jump into a conclusion about your puppy’s condition, first, you should be aware of the reasons which can cause a puppy to be extra warm.

Reason for Excessive Warmness

Have you recently given your dog a shave? If yes, well, here is some news for you. Shaving your puppy’s fur will expose his skin. Animals like puppies tend to be extra warm whenever they get a shave. Your puppy depends on his fur to regulate body temperature. Therefore when the weather is a bit hot, and you gave your puppy a shave. He will tend to be warmer than normal. Therefore you might notice him staying in cooler areas so much because he wants to cool his body.

Fur also plays an insulation role. Therefore when your puppy has a lot of furs, you might touch your puppy and not feel the warm effect because the skin is hidden. You might also notice your puppy pant a lot because he is trying to cool himself. There is, however, some levels of warmth that can signal to something sinister like a fever. When puppies have a fever, they will exhibit my temperatures hence the excessive warm effect when you touch him.

Having seen the possible reasons why your puppy is feeling warm, here is what you can help your puppy stay comfortable.

Test Your Puppy’s Temperature

Before you take any step, you first have to check whether your puppy’s temperature is within normal dog temperature. The normal body temperature for your puppy should be either 101 F or 102 F. Therefore, if you test for temperature and you realize your puppy falls between the two measurements, he is just fine. Therefore even a puppy who has a clean bill of health might feel excessively warm for you. I hope you are now aware of why your puppy with normal body temperature feels warm when you touch him.

Consult a Vet

If your puppy’s warm temperature is as a result of a health issue, you will know. A puppy who has a fever will have a temperature above the standard 102F. Most times, fever is the biggest cause of excessive temperatures in puppies. You might also want to look into other signs which might signal you to a health issue. However, if your puppy appears perfectly fine, you can give him some time to see whether the temperature will change. Animal health specialists also signal stress and excitement to be a cause of high body temperature. If there are no factors to cause such emotions in your puppy, a vet visit will clear any possible signs of fever. Fever usually happens due to various reasons, including a vaccination. Before your puppy’s immune system adapts to the injection, his body temperature will be higher than normal.

Avoid Cuddling for Some Time

Cuddling your puppy will obviously generate extra body heat. The intent for cuddles most times is to keep warm. Puppies hate cuddles more so in hot weather. In summer, for example, most puppies will want nothing to do with cuddles if you want to notice how warm and uncomfortable your puppy can get. Try cuddling for some time; you will realize he will try to break free. The main reason usually is the excessive heat from the atmosphere and also from the puppy’s body. You have already seen puppies have higher temperatures than humans. Therefore cuddling will cause them great distress as much as you want to hold on to your puppy as you take a nap or sleep. You might be feeding your needs at the expense of your puppy’s comfort. The best you can offer your puppy is cuddle free nights, and he will be just fine.

Always Keep Your Air Conditioner On

Maintaining favorable temperatures in your home is the best measure you can take for yourself and your puppy. When puppies get too warm, they will always want to cool down. During the day time, they can cool themselves outside by staying under a shade. However, such privileges are not everywhere. If you live in an apartment, the much access you have to the outdoors is probably your balcony and parking spot. Therefore your puppy won’t have access to shades; he will be only dependent on you, making the indoors favorable for him. By keeping your AC on and in good shape to avoid breakdowns, your puppy can at least stay calm. Also, you can always try keeping a bowl of cold water available for your puppy. You will realize whenever your puppy feels too warm; he will take some water or dip his tongue.

Buy a Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are solely meant to draw excess heat from dogs. If your puppy is having too much trouble with his body temperatures, you can get a cooling pad for him. A cooling pad happens to be probably among the most thoughtful heat regulators available for pets. If you don’t have a cooling pad, you can always improvise. Take a towel that you rarely use and make the towel your puppy’s cooling pad. Dip the towel in water and throw it on the floor. Every time your puppy will be feeling too warm, he can sleep on the wet towel to cool down.

Avoid Playing and Taking Walks in Excessive Heat

Limit your dog’s activity to the indoors. Cut down on too much playing when the weather is hot and change the time when you go for walks. Also, never forget to carry cold treats when you take walks. Do all you can to limit the chances of your puppy getting a heat stroke.

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