Help! My Puppy Makes Me Angry.

When getting a puppy, both you and the dog will need to make some adjustments. Since you are just getting acquainted with one another, you will need to understand each other’s habits. At times, a puppy may do things that may get you angry. It is important to deal with the things that make you angry in a constructive manner. You do not want to abuse the puppy or mistreat it in any way. Instead, you will need to cope with this situation safely and constructively. Fortunately for dog owners, there are plenty of ways in which you can stop your puppy from making you angry. Eventually, your puppy will behave as you want it to and no longer do things that annoy you.

Determine What Makes You Angry

The first step in dealing with a puppy that makes you angry is to determine what makes you angry. There can be a lot of things that can make you angry such as your dog urinating on the floor, sleeping with you, following you around, and also barking excessively. Once you can determine what exactly is getting you angry, then you will need to begin the next steps in teaching your puppy proper behavior and to stop doing the things that get you angry.

Train Puppy to Stop

You can begin the process by training it to stop doing whatever it is that it is angering you. As a dog owner, you can teach it how to relieve itself outside, teach it to stay away from certain objects, and to also stop barking when someone familiar is in the house. Training your puppy will allow it to learn proper behavior and begin to act in a way that satisfied you. With effective training, you can get your puppy to stop angering you.

Discipline the Puppy

Another way in which you can deal with your puppy making you angry, is to discipline it. There are times when a puppy may do things that it isn’t supposed to do. As a result, you will need to enforce certain rules and sometimes deny certain privileges. Proper discipline will eventually teach the puppy not to do certain things as well as how to behave properly. With the right amount of discipline, your puppy will eventually stop doing things that you don’t like.

Look for Activities That Make You Happy

As well as training and disciplining your puppy, another effective way to get it to stop doing things that anger you is to look for activities that you enjoy. Look for certain activities that you enjoy doing with the dog and participate in them regularly. Finding enjoyable activities will allow both you and the puppy to have fun. It will also reduce the chances of it doing things that may get you angry every so often.

Don’t Abuse Your Puppy

When it comes to dealing with your puppy that angers you, the most important thing is never to abuse it. Even if it gets you angry at times, don’t ever hit it, kick it, throw objects at it or treat it inhumanely. These are things that can hurt your puppy and negatively affect its mental health. A puppy that is regularly abused may begin to engage in destructive behavior as well as become very aggressive and hostile. This can eventually lead to your puppy becoming a dangerous animal. So don’t ever use violence or harsh treatment when your puppy gets you angry.

Don’t Give Rewards for Awhile

Whenever your puppy gets you angry, you may want to deny it treats and other rewards for a while. If your puppy does something inappropriate or engages in bad behavior that gets you angry, this can be an effective form of punishment. Without treats, it will likely learn that doing things that anger you will result in fewer privileges. As a result, it will begin to adjust and become more cooperative. This will also help ensure that it stops getting you angry as well.

Make Sure It Isn’t Doing Anything Destructive

While your puppy may get you angry at times, it also depends on what they do that gets you angry. Sometimes a puppy may bark a little too much, which annoys you. However, some puppies may engage in destructive behavior. Whenever your puppy does things such as biting shoes, damaging furniture, and chewing on wires, you will need to get it to stop doing these things. Good training and discipline will help prevent the puppy from doing these things in the future. Anytime your puppy annoys you, make sure that they aren’t doing anything destructive so that they don’t have valuable things damaged.

Make Sure Your Puppy Obeys You

A puppy that gets you angry may just do annoying things. However, it may also anger you by not obeying you. Therefore, you need to make sure that your puppy still obeys you when it gets you angry. If they remain obedient, then you can easily get it to stop doing things that get you angry. However, if they are disobedient, then you may have to discipline the puppy and train it some more to stop doing things that are annoying to you.

Ensure That It Is Pleasant Towards Others

Even though your puppy may do things to irritate you, it is important to make sure that it is still pleasant towards other people and animals. If your puppy is nice to others, then there isn’t much to worry about. However, your puppy is making you angry by being hostile and aggressive towards others; then, you will need to provide some discipline and additional training.

Understand That It Is Still Developing

As a dog owner who is dealing with a puppy, it is important to understand that it is still developing. When it is a puppy, it may not know better and therefore does things that upset you. It is important to be patient and understanding with your puppy and make efforts to ensure that it stops doing things that make you angry. With an understanding of its development, you will be able to have more acceptance towards its behavior that angers you and make changes to address it effectively.

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