17 Tips If Your Puppy Misbehaves at Night

No one prepares you for the crazy associated with owning a puppy. It is normal, but most owners find it shocking, and for some, terrorizing. This insane behavior includes growling, barking, biting, tormenting other pets. The puppy becomes frantic and looks for things to shred.

This behavior associates with inadequate exercise or over-exhaustion, and there are several things you can do.

1. Keep your cool

For starters, you do not want to be matching energies with your puppy. One of you has to retain a level head. Yelling at the puppy will not help the situation at all.

2. Take a walk

Taking a breather walk will help direct the puppy’s energy to explore and to sniff. Since most puppies can’t go on a long walk, consider getting a longer leash for your pet. Such leashes increase their freedom to move around or run. Rotate your walks between training, structured, and fun walks.

3. Give him/her something to chew on

During this hyper hour, giving your puppy something to chew on will reduce the crazy behavior. You can try a bully stick or a Kong that’s stuffed with peanut butter. If the puppy is teething, freezing the chewable may create a soothing sensation on the puppy’s gums and teeth.

4. Tethering

Tethering the puppy to something will contain frantic behavior, and the other pets will be at peace. Use a chew proof cable leash to ensure that the puppy does not chew what you are tethering them to. However, this may cause your puppy to be aggressive towards you.

5. Make use of the yard

Open the door and let the puppy out into the yard. Let him run and zoom around for a while. Zoomies will help to release the pent up energy or tire him up for bed. In the yard, the puppy can go berzerk without any restrictions. Make sure to remove all harmful objects from the yard, such as tools. Get rid of the cat poo as well.

6. Daytime exercise

During the day, ensure that your or your dog-sitter engages the puppy with exercises. Use age-appropriate exercise to stimulate the puppy’s body and mind. The puppy will use up their energy just like working out. Simultaneously, they get to create a bond with you. As the puppy grows older, they will require more exercise.

7. Check the bedtime routine

Completely avoid involving the puppy in intense or exciting activities an hour or so before bed. The reason is that such actions will tend to amp and excite the puppy before bedtime.
Since most dogs appreciate routines, establish one for bed hours will minimal activities.

8. It’s bathroom time

Your puppy may be fussing because they need to pee and poo. The sights and sound of an environment may be pretty exciting for your puppy. They may forget why they are out in the first place. Wait till they finish before you take them back into the house.

9. Check the bedding

If your puppy is scratching or seems restless, check them for biting insects such as fleas. The more a puppy becomes uncomfortable, the more frantic the puppy will behave.

10. A hungry dog is an angry dog

As your puppy is getting older, she may be experiencing growth spurts. To mean that her rations should be increasing too. If you are yet to catch on, your puppy may be acting out of frustration due to hunger. At dinner, try to feed them more than their usual ration.

11. Its bedtime

More often than not, your puppy may be over-exhausted, and that is why they are acting up, just like a tired baby that gets cranky before bedtime. Therefore, putting your puppy into the crate of dog bed might do the trick. Some puppies will fall asleep immediately. They lay down.

12. Time out

Your puppy’s craziness may be getting in the way of accomplishing tasks, terrorizing the children, or simply ruining your TV time. Therefore, create a time out area where you can put the puppy, and she will be all alone, such as the kitchen. Take her out only when she has calmed down.
Do this every evening as much as the need be, until your pup learns to behave. It might take a while than other methods, but it will be worth the wait.

13. Avoid the crate

Even though crating your puppy restrains him, it will most likely create a negative condition towards the crate. Furthermore, you do not provide an option where your puppy can burn out his energies. It will only worsen the situation.

14. Bites for bites

Get a bunch of dog toys or high-value bones from the pet store. Every time your puppy tries to bite, you can give him one of the treats. You will have to do this a lot of times, but keep rotating the items. The aim is to keep your puppy away from your hands. Also, use a flirt pole to keep your puppy on the move and maintain his focus on something other than biting.

15. Try a dark room

Your primary focus is to reduce the physical and mental stimulation that your puppy may be experiencing. Place your puppy in a dark room and ensure that it is safe. A puppy proof pen will work just fine too. Your puppy will calm down a lot faster if they can hear and see less. Also, lesser touching will help reduce stimulation.
It is not a punishment, so just a few minutes should do the trick.

16. Understand the breed

Everything seems to be exciting for puppies, includes acts that are meant to calm and soothe such as cuddling and stroking.
Physical play will excite some puppies more than others, which means restriction is necessary for this kind of interaction.
To avoid full-blown excitement, you should supervise and interrupt live play every few minutes.

17. Calm the children

It may seem weird at first, but your puppy is matching your children’s energies. If the kids are overexcited, aggressive, or playful, it will rub off on the puppy.

Furthermore, screaming and squealing trigger puppy’s excitement. Make your kids understand the role they play. This way, you can also teach them how to deal with the puppy during a crazy hour.

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