6 Tips If Your Puppy Only Eats Wet Food

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide a balanced diet for your furry four-legged friend. There are endless nutritional options available on the market that also offers a delicious taste for your canine. However, it can be very tricky getting your puppy back on dry dog food if you offer him wet food. Although there are many great wet dog food options, it is ideal to have your puppy on dry dog food. After trying wet food, it is possible that he will not want to eat dry food again. Wet food is easier to eat as well as easy on the palate. Making a transition back to dry food may be very challenging. Do not worry or stress about getting him switched over to the dry dog food. There are several different methods that you may test out on your puppy when it comes to mealtimes. The following tips will hopefully assist you in getting your puppy transitioning over to dry dog food in no time.

Wet Food Is Much Tastier

When you have a puppy, you will quickly discover just how many brands and various types of food are available. Wet food can offer a much better taste in comparison to dry dog food. It also does not take your puppy as much time and effort to eat wet food. Therefore, it seems like a more simple and better choice for your puppy to eat. However, if your puppy eats wet food long term, it could have some impact on his overall health. You will need to research and find the best food with complete nutrition that he will readily eat consistently.

Experiment By Adding Water to the Dry Food

If your puppy is adamant about eating dry food, there is a simple trick you may find useful; add water. Begin by adding small amounts to find the consistency that he is willing to eat. Once you find consistency, he is eating well; you may then begin to decrease the amount of water. You will want to continue to decrease the amount of water over time. Your end goal will be for him to not require any additional fluids to eat his dry food. Wetting his dry food is sure to make the transition a bit easier on him and you. By adding water, it makes him feel as though it is his normal wet food that he loves so much. This can be a difficult process, so you will need to have patience with him. You cannot fault him for enjoying the wet tastier foods over the dry. However, getting him onto the dry food will be essential to better complete nutrition and oral health.

Mix Wet Food With Dry Food

There is no denying that wet dog food is delicious and irresponsible to most canines. Because of the wonderful taste, it can be difficult to get your puppy to eat dry food instead. It can be very helpful to offer your puppy something familiar to help him through the transition. By mixing dry food into the wet food, over time, he will begin to acclimate. If this mixture is done gradually over some time, he will become less dependent on wet food. Once you have decreased the wet amount you mix in, you may begin to phase it out. Eventually, you will be on your way to having a dog that devours his dry food.

Hide Treats Inside of the Wet Food

When trying to get your puppy to eat less wet food, you can try and make it a fun game. This is the perfect time to get creative and experiment with different methods. Additionally, this is a great time to spoil your puppy by showing him how much you love him with treats. When offering a meal, try hiding small treats inside of the dry dog food you set out. You can also try to assemble a combination of wet food, dry food, and treats. By mixing up the options, your puppy will be more eager to explore. This method will hopefully allow him to understand mealtime is fun and full of yummy foods. After he begins to associate mealtime with delicious foods, you will be able to slip in dry food more easily.

Schedule a Veterinarian Visit

If you continue to try dry food with your pup, but they keep resisting, you may need to seek professional assistance. You should schedule a visit to your local veterinarian for a thorough examination and discuss options. During this time, they will be able to inspect your puppy and see if there are any medical issues. There could be dental issues or stomach issues that are causing your puppy to not want to eat dry food. In this case, the trained staff will be able to work with you to formulate a food plan. It could also be a simple fix of simply switching up the brand of dry food you are offering. By seeking out advice from a professional, you can gather needed insight to try out new nutritional approaches.

Turn a Wet Mess Into a Dream Meal

You should always be patient and work with your puppy at every mealtime to achieve your goal. It will be a difficult transition for him to understand the change in diet, and it will take time. However, with a little time and effort, your pup will be enjoying dry dog food in no time. Make sure you are being creative and brainstorming new options to try out. Always attempt new ways to mix up the food to make the dry food more appealing. The most important goal is to provide your puppy with the best complete nutrition.

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