Help! My Puppy Only Pees Inside.

Always approach the situation by being calm, loving, and understanding when it comes to your puppy peeing inside. He is just a young dog; therefore, he has life skills to learn to survive. One of the biggest life skills he will need to learn is to pee outdoors versus indoors. Once you discover he is urinating inside, it will be an extremely challenging transition to get him peeing outdoors. Overall, potty training is going to be a long journey. However, it will be an adventure that will have a huge positive impact on you and your puppy’s life.

Observe and Get Him Outside Immediately

There are important behaviors that you can see your dog practicing right before he decides it is time to pee. These behaviors include: sniffing, squatting, circling, and crouching. You will need to keep a close eye out for these behaviors. The moment you detect any sign of the potty time, interrupt him immediately. You will want to clap and vocalize to get his attention. This interruption catches him off guard. It makes him stop what he is doing and allow you to get him outside right away.

Begin Training Your Puppy

The next step you will want to implement into the process is training your puppy. By now, you have been observing him and getting him outside. However, now it is his turn to work for some special treats. Proper training is an important issue you will need to address when discovering that your puppy is peeing inside. To make sure your puppy will urinate outside like other dogs, you must begin daily training sessions. By holding these training sessions, you will be able to positively reinforce your puppy every time he urinates outside. By doing so, you will enable him to understand he should be going potty outside versus indoors. Over time, if he is not continuously rewarded for going indoors, the behavior will extinguish.

Make Frequent Trips Outside

You will want to be sure you are taking your puppy outside for frequent urination trips. You can train your puppy to be one of the best. However, if you do not provide him enough opportunities to potty outdoors, you are going to have accidents to clean. Dogs do have a decent size bladder. However, they need to develop the ability and understanding that they must hold their urine until their next visit outdoors. It is recommended by countless professionals to make frequent trips outdoors in the beginning stages of potty training. You may want to begin with times frames as often as 30 minutes. Going outside at this frequent may initially seem pointless. However, it could ensure your puppy will be relieving himself outside versus indoors. Eventually, you will be able to move toward longer time intervals before he must go out for another potty break.

Commitment From You the Owner

The overall success you will be able to see from potty training relies heavily on you. As your puppy’s owner, you must commit to working with him to train the new behavior of urinating outdoors. You will need to dedicate a specific time every day to train him multiple times throughout the day. Additionally, you will want to keep a watchful eye on him at all times. By doing so, it ensures that he does not have any accidents. Dogs offer a wonderful purpose in life, to be man’s best friend. Therefore, you should be dedicating your time and efforts to ensuring your puppy will succeed at peeing outside.

Cleaning Up Accidents is Crucial

You are going to find accidents. Your puppy is peeing inside, and that is an issue that you are trying to correct. When urination is found inside of your home, you will need to ensure you are cleaning it up right away. It is suggested to use an enzymatic cleaner so that the odor can be fully eliminated. This will help your puppy not be able to sniff out the pee area and be tempted to urinate again. You can train him every day all day long to urinate outside. However, once he is found going inside, it will be near impossible to break the bad habit. The accidents will be especially difficult to correct if the area is not cleaned properly.

Make Sure There Are No Major Issues

If you trained your puppy to pee outdoors, but he continues to pee inside, you may need to call a veterinarian. You should take him in for a veterinarian visit to get a thorough check-up completed. There are many medical issues linked to uncontrollable urination problems. The medical issue may be as simple as a canine urinary tract infection, but it could be much more severe. Your puppy may not have any underlying medical issues that need to be addressed. However, it is always best to seek professional advice if you notice your puppy still peeing inside even after training.

Continue Loving Him Forever

Regardless of how long the process takes, you will need to continue loving your puppy throughout the entire journey. You are going to become stressed at times and want to give up. However, you must keep pushing yourself and your puppy. It is crucial that you train him to pee outdoors and not inside your home. Additionally, you and your puppy will be working very closely over the next few weeks and possibly months. Remember that you are a team, and you are working together in hopes of eliminating him from peeing inside. Be sure you are praising him for the good behaviors and providing lots of treats when he urinates outdoors. And above everything else, make sure you are giving him lots of love, affectionate, and positive attention.

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