Help! My Puppy Refuses to Go on Walks.

If you have recently decided to adopt a dog, there is a lot to learn. Dogs will surprise you every chance that they get. You will finally start to feel comfortable, and it is like they throw you another curveball. The best course of action you can take as a prospective dog owner is to educate yourself. Yes, it will not stop the surprises from coming, but it will make you better prepared. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most common experiences a dog owner will have. Trying to take your dog on a walk, and the dog is not cooperating. What could be the right knowledge easily remedies a huge headache. This way, you can approach the situation with confidence and handle it masterfully. There are many potential reasons your dog could be acting this way. Let’s get started deciphering their behavior.

Enroll Your Dog In Some Obedience Courses

One of the first orders of action, when you adopt a dog, is training classes. While it is possible to more than adequately train a dog yourself, it is more difficult to do so then it is to hire a professional. If your dog needs to learn more about obedience, training classes should do the trick.

Try Putting Him In A Cage Before Leaving The House

Often, animals will be afraid as they are leaving the house, but not once it is out of sight. Your dog may refuse to go on a walk if you start in sight of the house. This is more common in younger puppies. They are afraid to wander too far away from home. You should at least be happy that they love it there so much.

He Could Be Scared of the Area You Are Trying to Walk Him

Now, if you find the same behavior when you are away from home, it could still be fear. They could be afraid of being in a new place. This is also common in animals. There are many reasons they could be afraid of. They may have heard or smelt something that frightened them. Either way, the best thing that you can do is to take it slow and calm them down. Once they are no longer afraid, they should have no problem going on a walk.

You Can Take Your Dog to the Vet to Check For Any Medical Causes For His Behavior

Sometimes dogs will exhibit strange behavior for no reason. Other times this strange behavior could be a sign of something more serious. It is almost impossible to tell the difference if you are not a professional. If you suspect that your puppy may be refusing to walk due to medical concerns, then call the vet. They are the only resource that will be able to handle the situation if your dog needs medical attention.

Your Dog May Not Feel Comfortable Using the Leash and Collar They Have On

Dogs will refuse to go on walks for simple reasons too. If you have changed the collar or leash that they normally used recently, that could be the problem. Some dogs do not like change and will refuse for that reason. Other times it is because the new collar is on too tightly and chokes the dog, making them uncomfortable. As soon as your dog feels more comfortable, then they should be ready to go for that walk if this was the reason.

You May Not Be Making The Walk Exciting or Fun Enough For Them to Want to Go

If your walks are boring and you walk too slowly, your dog will not enjoy them. If you find yourself constantly tugging on the leash, then they may simply feel held back when they are out on walks with you. You could try to find a place that they could run around safely off of the leash. That way, they get to experience the world; however, they see fit. Other times the places that you are taking your dog are not exciting enough. Dogs love to be places where there are other small animals to chase and dogs to play with. Try to take them to a dog park and see how they behave there. There is a really good chance that they act a lot more excited once they start playing with other dogs.

The Dog May Not Have Been Trained How To Go On Walks Yet

Although there is a tendency for people to assume that dogs are born with the knowledge of how to walk, they are not actually. The ability to go on a walk is something that pretty much all dogs can learn. It is not something that all dogs are born with, though. If you just got yourself a new dog and they do not go on walks, then they may not know-how. The only remedy for this is patience and training. Make sure to only use positive reinforcement as it is much more effective than negative reinforcement when training a dog. It should not take you very long to see a noticeable improvement. Spend a little time now, investing in your pet to have a lifelong companion. The more we’ll behave your dog is, the more enjoyable they are to have around.

The Dog Could Have Had Bad Experiences When Going On Walks in the Past

If you have adopted a dog that is a rescue pet, then you can expect them to have some odd behaviors. If your dog had a bad experience in the past, whether from other owners or animals when they went on a walk, it could have caused them some trauma. This can lead to lasting psychological damage in a dog much the same way that it can in a human. There is not an easy fix for this problem other than love, affection, and time.

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