7 Best Steps to Teach a Dog to Jump

You likely wish that your dog can jump over obstacles like those pro dogs in the show. We have tremendous and fascinating news for you. With our 7-step easy guide, you can teach your dogs the tricks of jumping over the hurdles.

Do you wish your pooch is flying over obstacles at no time? It only requires a few inexpensive items and a little patience. The process is gratifying and enjoyable for your pet.

Well, scroll down to learn easy steps to teach your dog how to jump like a champion. Let us see how the magic happens.

Teach your dog the best sitting position

Your dog might never know how to jump if it can’t sit calmly. Do you want to teach your dog how to jump easily? Start by showing her the best sitting position.

The sitting position helps her to follow other commands, including the jump command. How do I guide my dog in the best sitting position? Simple!

Hold a treat over her nose and say, “sit.” Take the gift over the back of your dog’s head to guide her on sitting position. As soon as your dog sits down, give her the award.

Use rewards that your dog likes

Dogs have high affection for prizes. Also, they desire to make you happy. The sure way to show your dog that you happy is by rewarding her with treats.

During the training session, you need a few treats to reward your dog as a confirmation that you like her moves. Be sure to break it into several portions.

What types of gifts can I use on my dog during the training session? You don’t need expensive items! Treat her with any gift that you can afford. To avoid overweight, don’t overfeed it with treats.

Hold the treat over the dog’s head

While your dog is at its best sitting position, show it a treat. The best way to hold the gift is by making sure it is just a few feet above the dog’s head. Then, issue a command by saying “jump.” Your dog might get confused.

After all, you have never done this to her before. If this happens, demonstrate to her what you mean by jumping yourself. If your dog doesn’t show any move, lower the treat closer to her face. It would be best if you moved your gift up while simultaneously saying ‘jump’.

Repeat the command several times

Your dog needs to know the basic commands before teaching her how to jump. When you say “jump,” she should be sure what you want her to do. The demonstration is the best way to teach a dog. So, when you say “jump,” you should also jump and try to catch a treat. After all, dogs are the best observers.

Other commands that you must train your pet includes sitting to come and to wait. In so doing, your dog will easily understand you, and the process of teaching will be easy.

In the beginning, your dog will not understand these commands but will be able to stand still and listen to you. Otherwise, your dog might never know how to jump over the hurdles. Dogs don’t take long to understand these commands; thus, you will not waste time.

Allow your dog to have the treat

If your dog up off its front legs, don’t keep the treat away from her. The idea is to let your dog know that you are happy about her efforts. It is advisable to give her plenty of verbal praise while handing over the treat. As already hinted, dogs like treats. When you offer a gift immediately after it responds to your command she will associate the reward to her action.

Gradually increase the height position of the treat

After repeating the process several times, you will notice that your dog will start getting up with all its legs for a reward. Thus, it would be best if you increased the height position of the reward gradually.

Now, your dog faces a new challenge of jumping a little bit high to get the prize. In the end, she will be able to jump up with all the four legs going for a treat.

Do not overwhelm your dog as jumping with the four legs requires extra energy. It is advisable to give her a break after every 20 minutes session intervals. If the dog seems tired before the break, allow her to take a rest and resume latter.

Introduce obstacle jumping

After mastering the above moves, it is the appropriate moment to introduce obstacle jumping. However, you must be considerate about your dog’s safety.

You need to guide her on jumping the right way as the wrong jump will see her injured. Surely, you don’t want to punish your friend. Your aim is to make your dog jump like a dolphin, not like dear. Therefore, please don’t overdo it.

The hurdle that you use must be soft, as well as the landing ground. Your dog might do all that she can to avoid landing on the barrier. But she does not care about where she falls. That’s the problem. There is an excellent tactic to make her concentrate on the landing ground.

Put the gift on the other side of the hurdle. In this way, your dog will concentrate on the reward when jumping on the other side. While she will jump high to avoid the difficulty, she will also be considerate about the landing ground.

Over time, she will be able to land easily without injuring herself either in the hurdle or the landing ground.


As discussed above, there is an easy and sure way to train your dog to jump over the objects. The use of treats is one of the sure ways.

Dog likes treat, and they get a determination of impressing you even further. It would be best if you introduced bars after your dog masters jumping to the treat held above her head. In so doing, she will be able to jump like those pro dogs you see in the show.

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