Teach Your Dog to Catch a Frisbee

Numerous dogs adore playing with a frisbee in spite of the fact most dogs don’t know how to capture the frisbee. With a bit of patient and taking step by step.

Your dog will learn the popper way of catching a frisbee and making it a world of fun.

It is fun to be able to teach your dog how to play cool games such as frisbee. It’s one of the numerous incredible reasons why people have a dog.

You can find dogs can take up playing with a flying disk like it is nothing but you have other dogs who have to be taught how to play with a flying disk as we know as a frisbee.

There are many who think it can be hard when it comes to teaching your dog how to play frisbee but really with these few tips. You will be playing frisbee with your dog and family in no time. It is just getting your dog to understand you want him or her to be able to catch it and bring it back to you.

Introducing the frisbee

To teach your dog just how to play frisbee, you have to begin by introducing him or her to the frisbee. It will become your dog’s new toy! There are many dogs who get happy immediately by just the sight of a new toy.

Just like any other toy you get your dog you are going to want to rub it in his or her face and see your dog reaction. It is the same way you want to do with a cool frisbee.

There are all kinds of frisbees in color or creative design. It doesn’t matter what kind of frisbee you get. Because you just want to make sure your dog finds the frisbee as a fun unique toy or not.

You can just wave the frisbee in front of your dog and you will see your dog react to the frisbee. You will know if your dog has incentives in learning how to play frisbee or not.

Introduce command give

Once you know for sure your dog is into the frisbee and likes it as a new toy. You can teach your dog a command.

Be specific with your command for him or she makes sure your dog knows just what it is you are asking from him or her.

Hold the frisbee and let your dog put it in his or her month once you say GIVE your dog should release it from him or her mouth. You can repeat the same command over and over so your dog knows what you are asking from him or her.

When your dog does release the frisbee back to his or her mouth. Reward your dog with a treat of your choice. It allows your dog to understand the good of the command GIVE. Once you have the GIVE command down. You are now able to move to the next tip.

Remember it might not happen overnight you will have to give your dog time to learn to GIVE command. So just like a child, have patience and teach your dog the command and reward your dog for good behavior.

Toss outside

Now you can take your dog outside and have some fun with him or her by commanding your dog to sit. Toss the frisbee and see if your dog runs to catch it. Have your dog come to you with the command Come and Give.

Repeat tossing the frisbee over and over. It is the only way to get your dog to play frisbee is to repeat it over and over. Also, make sure you praise and reward your dog for his or her good behavior every time he or she catches it and gives it back to you.

The more you are praising him or her and rewarding your dog the more you are letting your dog understand the importance of the command you are giving your dog.

Don’t play tug a war with your dog through. Your dog will not understand what you want from him or her. Once your dog starts to play tug a war with the frisbee let your dog strongly know the frisbee is not for tug a war it for tossing.

Have fun

Have fun with your dog playing Frisbee. It is a game you and your dog can play over and over. You can do it with your family and dog in the park or the backyard.

So every time your dog sees the Frisbee it knows it is happy and ready to go outside and play. It’s a game your dog will enjoy playing with you and your family.

Once your dog is on top of how to play Frisbee you will enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors so much more with your dog.

Master catching

Once your dog will be the master at catching the Frisbee. After your dog has understood how to enjoy the game, Frisbee.

You will see for yourself every time you toss the Frisbee how high your dog will jump and how it will twist and turn its body to make sure it catches the Frisbee in its mouth.

It can take time

Some dogs understand right off the bat and don’t have to train as much or long to be able to jump and catch the Frisbee. Especially if your dog already knows how to play catch.

Other dogs might take time and patience. You are just going to have to repeat the same steps over and over. Once you practice daily and understand that it is a fun game to play. Your dog will finally get the hang out of it.

If you follow the tips of your dog and you will be catching and playing Frisbee in no time. So go buy a Frisbee and start training your dog today to catch and play Frisbee with you and your family.

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