The Best Way to Respond If Your Puppy Makes You Bleed

If you have ever thought about getting a new pet there are a few things that you need to learn beforehand. If you have decided that you are going to get a puppy you need to be ready for when they make mistakes.

Just like human children, pets can misbehave especially whenever they are very young. The way that you respond to this will help to shape their personalities for the rest of their lives. Do not want to respond with an over dominating tonality as this can scare the pet.

If you truly want the best for your dog when you are going to need to learn how to train them effectively. Luckily, it is far easier to gain access to the information you need today than at any time in the past.

Disciplining a new pet is an art form and it is an art form that you can learn. So if you have ever found yourself bleeding because of your pet we have some tips on how to handle the situation. If you can mingle the worst-case scenario situations effectively you will be a great pet parent.

Let’s get started learning how to respond effectively when your new puppy makes you bleed. It does not need to be the end of the world but it does need to be a learning experience for both of you.

If you can both commit to learning this information then everything will work out great.

Be careful about how you use discipline with your new pet

One of the most common responses when a new pet hurt you is to hurt them back. After that response is to punish them.

For whatever reason, even beings in general have a tendency to be extra judicious when it comes to punishment. We all need to understand that dogs are intelligent creatures. That does not mean that they understand the world in the same way that we do though.

If you come across as too angry or too mean to your new pet then they will simply think you are a bad person. They will not understand that they did something wrong only that you scared them.

Resist the urge to hurt them in retaliation

Doing nothing at all is better than arming your pet. Even if your pet has hurt you quite a bit. This is counterproductive even if it is a natural reaction. You should instead try to implement positive reinforcement in as many unique ways as possible.

The dogs are able to learn more quickly what behaviors you do want them to do than the ones that you want them to avoid. So instead of punishing them after they misbehave reward them for good behavior.

Call the veterinarian’s office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible

One of the first things that you need to do after an incident like this is to schedule a veterinarian’s office visit for your puppy. They will be able to check to see if they have any communicable diseases that might affect you.

They will also double-check to see if there is anything wrong with the puppy that caused the aggression. Most of the time aggression and new puppies simply come from over excitement and lack of self-control.

Hire a professional dog trainer to help work with your dog’s aggression

Since you have a new pet you will need to get them disciplined. You are unsure how to discipline a new pet and would like some help to hire a professional.

Most professional dog trainers are incredibly devoted and passionate people. They will likely more than happy to help teach your dog and you.

This way your dog can get the training that they need while you can also learn how to train them effectively.

Try to get some calming treats for your dog

Sometimes a new puppy may lash out they are feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around them. This is especially common when you first adopt a new puppy.

You should try to make sure to give them some space until they feel more comfortable. In the meantime what you can do is give them treats to calm them down. There are actually special treats that you can buy over the counter that contain ingredients that are soothing for canines.

If you believe that your puppy lashes out because they were stressed these are a great option. They normally take effect right away so you do not need to wait to see if it is working.

You can continue to give them these when you notice they are stressed. Once you have seen that they are adjusted to the new home and lifestyle you can discontinue giving them these treats.

Your dog may have done it accidentally and you don’t need to do anything

Puppies are a lot more like human children then we like to admit. Whenever a human child makes a mistake most adults will deliberate before issuing a punishment.

Sometimes there are mistakes that children make that do not need to be punished because it was unintentional. The same can be said of young puppies. If your puppy accidentally made you bleed do not need to punish them.

The only time that you should punish them is that they do something wrong intentionally and knowingly. Otherwise how else could they have no impact was not appropriate behavior?

Spend more quality time bonding with your pet

One of the best things that can do is spend more time with your pet to improve your bond. The four bonded that you are with your pet the less likely they will be to lash out at you.

It can be difficult to get enough time you are working a full-time job but it is still important to try. Every single extra minute that you spend with your new pet is beneficial.

Once you have established a solid relationship you can back off a little bit. They will not just forget about you because you have a job.

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