How Do I Train My Dog Not to Bite?

Is your dog biting? Well, most do regardless of the breed. Some so many people have cases of a dog biting all around the world.

If your dog is making your visitors uncomfortable while visiting your home or your family, their several ways you do to make sure that your dog does not bite.

Usually, when a dog happens to bite someone, it does so mostly because it fears you or it is protecting itself from something.

You must learn the body language of the dog so that you are aware every time your dog is fearful for you to notice this, you may see it shake, lower its head below the shoulder or try to run away.

Once you see your dog behave in this manner, you must get away from it until it relaxes.
The following are ways in which you can train your dog not to bite.

Socialize your dog

When you bring home a dog, you must socialize it with the new environment. The good thing to do is to introduce to as many people as you can; it can be your family member, friends, or even strangers. Take it along with you and venture new places together and keep things positive.

This exposure is what is commonly referred to as socializing. If you take much time in socializing your dog, chances are it will not be very fearful; hence there is less likelihood of it being aggressive.

If the dog is not aggressive, there will be low chances of it biting anyone. If your dog is still a puppy, you can still carry out this process on it.

Spay and neuter

You can reduce the desire of your dog to bite by spaying and neutering them. If your dog is a male one, and you allow it to go to this procedure, it will reduce its testosterone levels, which are responsible for making your dog aggressive.

This process will also reduce the desire for your dog to fight with other dogs or to go wandering. For the male dogs, they can be neutered when they are about one year old, while the female ones should be sprayed once they reach their first heat period.

Although doing the process to your dog does not guarantee fully that your dog will never bite but it will reduce the urge to do so.

Never make any assumption that your dog can not bite. Many are the time that people assume that the dog is too good for it to bite. You may think because your dog is from a certain breed, it can’t bite or simply because it has never been aggressive before.

Command your dog to obey you

It is very easy to control a dog that obeys you.

It can command you dog to obey you by teaching simple cues such as ‘stop!’ every time you notice it want to bite someone you use other commands such as ‘sleep’ to command it to go to bed to keep it focused on you in some instances especially when you notice it is uncomfortable.

If you can control your dog’s behavior, then there will be less likelihood for it to bite.

Furthermore training your dog will boost its confidence and it is less likely to react or bite people

Use of reinforcement

Reinforcement is the process of giving a reward to your dog every time it does something positive. When you are training your dog not to bite, you can welcome a friend who is not familiar with it.

If you see it trying to bite and you use your cue word such as ‘stop’ and the dog immediately obeys you, you can give it a treat. Such threats include the dog’s favorite food, or you can give its favorite toy to play around with it.

Never punish your dog because it does not respond to your training quickly, it is important always to keep it in mind that dogs are different and each has its personality. some dogs will learn the process quickly while others don’t. If you punish your dog, you will even be making it to be more aggressive.

Learn the body language of your dog

Just as the way humans use body language to communicate the same way dogs do. You must get keen on the body language of your dog. A dog can get very angrily if its space gets invaded, and no wonder most dogs bite.

If you see your dog raising its hackles or lying flat, it is a good sign that the dog may use when uncomfortable, and it can easily bite. If you see your dog behaving this way, it is good that you move away, and if you are with other people, you can tell them to move away until the dog has calm down.

Avoid stressing your dog

Did you know that your dog can bite due to stress? Well, yes, it can. Every dog usually has a distinct personality. There certain stress that may cause your dog to bite to protect itself.

Some of these stresses that dogs can have included being surrounded by so many humans or even other dogs hence causing them to bite. You must spend more time with your dog so that you identify what specifically stresses your dog. Identifying such, can help you to avoid getting them into such situations.

Keep yourself safe at all times

If your dog or even any other dog acts aggressively toward you, you have to try by all means being bitten. Dogs take it as a threat if you look at them directly to the eyes. So avoid looking directly at them.

When you notice it standing still looking at you, you have to slowly move backward so than you can give it an easy time to escape; hence they don’t have to feel trapped.

To be sure of your protection as well as others, learn what makes your dog aggressive and teach others so that you all avoid situations of a dog biting. It will also make your dog happy.

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