Ways to Train a Dog Not to Eat Poop

If your dog eats poop, you are probably always looking for ways to make him stop. Dogs being domestic animals get to stay in the house at times and they come in contact with household goods. The thought of you who was eating poop moments ago is now on your couch can disgust you.

Dogs eat poop for various reasons and the first step towards making your dog stop is figuring out the reason. The good news is there are ways through which you can actually make your dog stop eating poop.

Here are some guidelines which you can use to your advantage.

Reasons for eating poop

First, there is a need to know why your dog is eating poop. Among the most known reasons is probably because your dog loves the taste of poop. Sounds gross but yes, some dogs just love to eat poop sometimes.

The other reason is stress or anxiety, so now you know stress and anxiety is not a reserve for human beings only. Hunger and lack of vitamins deficiency can also be the main reason behind your dog eating poop.

Having known some of the reasons behind poop eating now you can learn on how to make him stop.

Define tasks

Dogs are usually responsive to some tasks. For example, if your dog eats his own poop. You can try finding the poop and place somewhere in the compound. If the dog eats other dogs’ poop you can choose to take him for a walk. The poop will now act as the tool of training.

Take your dog and take a walk around the area of the poop. Once the dog sees the poop he will start moving towards the poop and here you have to move into action. As the dog moves towards the poop ask him to stop by shouting stop.

Ensure you don’t pull him back, he should be able to come back on their own. Keep calling the dog by using come as your command. If he actually stops and returns, rewards your dog. The reward will motivate the dog and he may feel like eating poop is not right.

If your dog has been eating poop long, you will have to perform such tasks more often until he stops. The more the number of times you perform the tasks, the closer you are to making him stop.

Distract method

Going to a vet can help figure out whether the dog would be missing vitamins or minerals in the body. If the dog is perfectly fine, then you can use the distract method. However, if the dog is devoid of vitamins and minerals you can try and substitute the diet.

Give your dog meals that are full of vitamins and minerals. On the distract method, every time the dog sees poop and tries to move closer ask him to look at you. The more you ask your dog to look at you, the more he loses focus on the poop.

Limit access to poop

Clean your yards as much as possible. Ensure every trace of poop is out. A clean yard without poop means the dog will have very little access to poop.

Also when you take your dog for a walk carefully select the locations. If some parts of the neighborhood have too much poop, avoid them as much as possible.

You will get to realize the dog will even forget about poop if he doesn’t get to see poop frequently. Also, stay on watch for some time so as when the dog poops you will be able to clean as soon as possible.

Make his poop taste bad

Sounds funny but what you have to know about poop is they have different tastes. When your dog eats food like pumpkin, he is not going to like the taste of his poop at all. If there is another dog in the house, feed pumpkins to the particular dog too.

Here you can sit back and monitor your dog’s reaction. You will realize he will not like the smell of the poop leave alone the test. Use the particular method for days on end.

Remember at the more the dog realizes his poop smells the closer you are to succeed. The end goal is to make the dog to completely stop eating poop. The sooner he stops the better for you.

Take the dog to his poop right after his meals

Give your dog enough food. Ensure he is full, the trick is to see whether he is still going to eat poop when full. Most dogs won’t want to eat anything after they have just had a meal. A dog that will still eat poop even after having a great meal must be battling other issues.

The intention here is to ensure he stops eating poop completely. Therefore take him to his poop right after a meal and make him smell the poop. If the dog raises his nose up, you will realize they don’t even like the poop at all.

Therefore they must be finding the urge to eat poop probably when they are hungry. A well-fed dog might probably avoid eating poop at all costs. If the portions you give your dog are small hence the hunger.

Add him some more until you find a portion that is enough for your dog. Most times you can seek some advice from your vet. A good vet will advise you on portions and which meals will help your dog’s hunger.

At times all your dog needs are to deworm. A dog with lots of worms in the body might be hungry more than normal. As much as your dog has to eat, he should not be a financial drain on your end. Finding the right medication will help you find a balance.

With these guidelines, your dog eating poop will soon stop. The more you try to make him stop the more you will realize your efforts are paying off.

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