Dog Breed Facts: Vizsla Edition

1. The Vizsla has been around for centuries.

The Vizsla is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. They have been around ever since the Austro-Hungarian empire. This empire reigned during the eighth and ninth centuries, making this dog thousands of years old in the time it has been around.

The Magyar tribes-people were the first individuals to keep the Vizsla as a pet. The dogs were used for hunting to help retrieve and kill the prey that the group was going after. It is important to note that there are no written records of this dog, though until the 1800s.

2. The Vizsla is a problem solver.

One of the main hobbies of the Vizsla is solving problems. It wants to understand how things work, so will become mischievousness through its intelligence. You may even find that this dog finds out a way to open up a new bag of food or treats.

It is important to direct your dog’s intelligence to positive problem-solving situations. Train them more complex tricks that truly allow their minds to develop. You can also purchase dog puzzles that will keep the Vizsla occupied until it figures out the solution to the puzzle.

3. The coat color of the Vizsla is due to a recessive gene.

The coat color of the Vizsla is an orange-red roan color. The color comes from a recessive gene called a b-allele gene. They have similar genes to what redheads have that produce these pigmentations.

If you create a hybrid dog with a Vizsla, you will probably lose the beautiful red coat in the puppy. There is even a possibility that a pure-bred Vizsla will lose the red coat. It can be lighter or darker, depending on how much of the recessive gene is present.

4. The Vizsla is a velcro dog.

The Vizsla loves to be around people. It is a very affectionate breed that wants to sleep with the humans, snuggle with the humans and be around the humans at all times possible. The Vizsla, quite literally, is always by your side.

It is important before you get a Vizsla to make sure that you have enough time to provide the care these dogs need truly. There may be emotional reactions like anxiety if the dog does not get the attention they need right away.

5. The Vizsla is one of the fastest dogs in the world.

The Vizsla is currently ranked as the tenth fastest dog in the world. It can top speeds of 40 miles per hour when it is running at its top speeds. This is significantly faster than most other dogs can run.

There are a few dogs that are faster than the Vizsla, though. These include dogs such as the Greyhound and Whippet. Other hound-like dogs are faster as well, including the Pharaoh Hound, the Afghan Hound, and the Scottish Deerhound, just to name a few.

6. The Vizsla has gorgeous eyes.

The Vizsla has gorgeous blue eyes when it is born. Most puppies do, but the eyes on this dog are on a whole other level of a beautiful blue. It is a much deeper and richer blue than is seen on most other dogs.

When the Vizsla is a few months old, their eyes begin to change color. The new color is a unique color that is orange to yellow in the shade. This unique color is a beautiful color that is unseen on most other dog breeds and even hybrid breeds.

7. The Vizsla does not have an undercoat.

Many dogs who engage in outdoor sports or are from Europe have an undercoat that is used to keep them warm. The Vizsla does not have this undercoat. It is very easy for these dogs to get cold quickly due to this.

It is important to try to keep your Vizsla warm and protected when it is cold outside. Make sure it has opportunities to get warm or make it a sweater. This will prevent the dog from becoming sick or developing a condition known as hypothermia from being too cold.

8. A Vizsla was the first champion of the American Kennel Club’s Quintuple Championship.

The American Kennel Club has a Quintuple Championship that sees the best dogs in many classes. The first dog to ever win this honor was a Vizsla. The dog’s name was Chartay.

Chartay went on to win five championships in total, earning her a long list of titles. Vizslas are used in many circumstances though other than competitions. They are used as therapy dogs for their senses of affection. They are also used as bomb-sniffing dogs due to their excellent source of smell in airports across the world.

9. The Vizsla stays very clean.

The Vizsla likes to be as clean as possible. This is very ironic as the dog is bred to be a hunting dog in which it sports in some of the worst environments. The dog does take extra steps to clean themselves, though.

As soon as a Vizsla returns from being outside, it will shake off any dirt and debris. It will then groom itself using its tongue. Make sure to help your Vizsla by giving it baths and nail trimmings as frequently as possible.

10. The Vizsla has webbed feet.

One unique feature on the build of a Vizsla is its webbed feet. These webbed feet help the dog to be an excellent swimmer. This is a valuable skill to have when hunting and having to go through or across various types of waterways.

The webbed feet allow the Vizsla to swim extremely fast. The Vizsla enjoys swimming as well and will jump in the water as soon as it sees it. Do not be surprised if it shakes itself dry or if it is cold soon after getting out, though.

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