Dog Breed Facts: Weimaraner Edition

1. The Weimaraner is a German Dog.

The Weimaraner is a new dog compared to many other breeds from ancient Europe. It was created in Germany during the nineteenth century. The Weimaraner was supposed to be a hunting dog that excelled in every trait for the nobility in the country.

The silver coat of the Weimaraner was an accident. The dogs were originally named the Weimar Pointer, due to where they were from in the Weimar Republic, where Grand Duke Karl August of Sachsen-Weimar owned one of these beautiful dogs. It soon changed to the Weimaraner, though.

2. The Weimaraner was kept to nobility for a while.

There was a very selective process in obtaining a Weimaraner in Germany. People other than nobility were very rarely able to get a Weimaraner puppy for themselves in the country. They wanted to keep the breed as pure as possible, which developed through the Weimaraner Club.

It eventually came to be that only people who were part of the exclusive club could obtain a puppy. When the dog came to America, it was difficult to create a club. A man named Howard Knight brought the dog over in the 1920s as he became a member of the German club.

3. The Weimaraner seems to have the mind of a human.

The Weimaraner has been appropriately nicknamed “the dog with the human brain.” They are one of the smartest and most intelligent breeds. This intelligence can get them in trouble, so be sure to train them appropriately.

The Weimaraner can quickly learn ways to trick their owner into allowing them to engage in naughty acts. These acts include getting out of their crates, opening the bag of treats, and more. It is important to train your dog out of these behaviors.

4. The Weimaraner’s eyes change colors.

The Weimaraner puppy has beautiful light blue eyes. These are especially illuminated against the silver coat of the dog. These eyes begin to change colors as the Weimaraner increases in age and becomes a more naturally aged dog.

There are two options for the colors that your dog’s eyes will become. It is important to note that the dog’s eyes will continue to become darker as the dog becomes older as well. The eyes will either be amber in color when the dog is an adult, or they will be grey.

5. The Weimaraner can have long hair.

Though it is rarer, the Weimaraner can have long hair. The long-haired versions of these dogs are bred utilizing specialized methods, and only a few individuals take these steps. Most dogs of this breed have very short hair.

The long-haired Weimaraner was originally bred to hunt and take down waterfowl as they could stay warm in the water. The long-haired gene is recessive, and the coat is not a breed standard, according to the American Kennel Association. It is possible, though.

6. The Weimaraner was a soldier in the cold war.

The Weimaraner is an excellent dog for finding missing people. They are frequently used for search and rescue jobs. This dog, based on those facts, was used in the Cold War to find missiles.

One Weimaraner named Dingo was especially suited for this dog. He found missile parts and brought them back to scientists to study for research purposes. The parts were able to be found due to the shark-liver oil on them. The dogs did wear jackets with ice cubes in them to stay cool while working.

7. The Weimaraner has a nickname.

The Weimaraner does have a nickname as many other breeds do. Their nickname is called the “Grey Ghost.” This is because the dogs easily become part of the scenery when it is a gray day outdoors.

If it is foggy or gray and cloudy outside, a Weimaraner can easily become lost in the weather. If the dog is too far ahead from their owners, they may blend in so well that they seem to disappear. The nickname seems to be appropriate when considering these facts about it.

8. The Weimaraner is beyond active.

The Iowa Weimaraner Rescue claims that the Weimaraner is the most active dog breed. This means that it has extremely high levels of energy and stamina. It needs ways to let this out so that the dog does not become destructive or hyperactive in your home.

It is important to engage this dog in extreme levels of activity throughout the day. Make sure that it gets excessive levels of exercise to stay as active as possible. This will ensure that no negative behaviors are coming from the high energy breed.

9. The Weimaraner puppy has markings.

The Weimaraner puppy has strange markings on its coat. It appears as if this dog has stripes when it is firstborn and for a few days after. These stripes look like tiger stripes all across the puppy’s body.

The tiger stripes on the puppies are just slightly darker than the base color of the Weimaraner’s coat. The stripes are only present for a few days at the very longest. They disappear never to be seen again soon after birth. This is a phenomenon only among this breed of dog.

10. The Weimaraner is featured in many pieces of art.

Williams Wegman made the Weimaraner popular to a large portion of Americans. He took photographs of his dogs that were this breed. The poses that he gave the dogs mimicked the artwork of many famous artists and pop culture scenarios.

The videos that Wegman posted of his dogs made many Americans fall in love with the breed. He posted hilarious videos, really showcasing the breed’s personalities at large. The videos were featured on many television shows as well, including Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live, just to name a few.

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