Dog Breed Facts: Welsh Terrier Edition

1. The Welsh Terrier comes from the earliest histories of wales.

The Welsh Terrier has been around since the earliest part of the history of Wales. This time frame was at least 1,000 years ago. The dog was mentioned in poetry and historical records throughout the history of the country.

One Welsh poet especially wrote about this dog. The poetry was completed around the year 1450. There were no breed specifications until the year 1850, though. The name of the Welsh Terrier was not officially released until the year 1855, which was pretty early for the name of one type of dog.

2. The Welsh Terrier has many cousins.

The Welsh Terrier is thought to have descended from a dog from the Old English times. It specifically seems to have descended from the Old English Black and Tan Terrier. Many other terriers have descended from this original breed of dogs as well.

One of the other breeds of dogs that most closely resembles the Welsh Terrier is the Lakeland Terrier. It is roughly around the same size as this dog as well. The Airedale Terrier is also very closely related to this dog, but it is much smaller.

3. The Welsh Terrier wants to hunt.

The Welsh Terrier was originally bred for hunting as the fact that it is a terrier suggests. The dog still has much of this drive for hunting and wants to go after a prey even in modern times.

The dog was originally supposed to hunt down small animals like rodents, foxes, and badgers. It was assertive and relentless in its hunt and would keep going no matter what. They would lock down quickly once they reached one of their prey and keep their jaws locked until the prey was killed.

4. The Welsh Terrier is a long-legged terrier.

The Welsh Terrier is a long-legged terrier when considering hunting terriers. Short-legged terriers are used for burrowing into the small animals’ burrows. Long-legged terriers are made for digging, which the Welsh Terrier will continue to do until it finds its prey.

The Welsh Terrier will continue tossing earth behind it until it has found its prey. This digging instinct is still very common int he modern Welsh Terrier as well. It is important to ensure that your yard is secure, and your fences are dug deep if you have a fenced-in backyard.

5. The Welsh Terrier is feisty.

Many terriers are known for being feisty. Most small dogs are known for having a sense of feisty energy. The feistiness of this dog comes along with a sense of independence and bravery, unlike many other dogs.

The amount of bravery that this dog has can lead to a bit of risk-taking. It is important t make sure this risk-taking behavior does not come out as aggressive or destructive behavior in your home. For this reason, be sure to train your dog to use their energy positively.

6. The Welsh Terrier is excellent at Earthdog competitions.

The Earthdog competition allows the Welsh Terrier to showcase its instincts. It can release its desires for digging and hunting out in the competition. The dog is intelligent so that they can pick up on it easily.

The stamina that these dogs possess can allow these dogs to run courses in course competitions as well. They can even compete in agility competitions. Barn hunt competitions allow these dogs to let out energy while pursuing prey as well to get out some of their instinctual hunting desires.

7. The Welsh Terrier only comes in one color.

The Welsh Terrier is only available in one color. If you see one of these dogs with other color combinations, it is not going to be purebred and will not be considered a standard breed. The color that a Welsh Terrier can be is black and tan.

The tan is not a pure tan, however. The tan on this dog is more like a dark red. It can be a lighter tan, though, if necessary, and it will still be considered standard. The tan colors will come in as the dog matures in age.

8. The Welsh Terrier is a White House dog.

The Welsh Terrier once lived in the White House. John F. Kennedy was the president who owned one of these dogs while he was acting president. The name of the Welsh Terrier that the family had was Charlie.

The dog originally belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy. It was gifted to JFK soon after, and it became very attached to him. This dog breed took walks with the presidential couple, swam with the president, and did much more. It was literally with them for almost everything that they did.

9. The American Kennel Club has recognized the Welsh Terrier since 1888.

The Welsh Terrier was the forty-fifth dog breed on the list of standard dog breeds released by the American Kennel Association. This confirmation occurred in the year 1888. It has been in all of the Club’s dog shows ever since.

The Welsh Terrier has never won the title of Best in Show at an American Kennel Club Championship. They have won the terrier group, though. This was not until 2019 when a Welsh Terrier named “Dazzle” won in 2019. The dog is from Knoxville, Tennessee.

10. The Welsh Terrier has a signature “stink eye.”

The Welsh Terrier clearly shows its disapproval of choices you make or annoyance with you through its “stink eye.” This is a very signature face that this dog is an expert at doing. You will learn to recognize the face quickly.

The Welsh Terrier Rescue holds a fundraiser that is called the Stink Eye Walk and Social. The name of this event is based on the signature face these dogs give. It is truly humorous and offers laughter to all who see the face when looking.

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