What Do Puppies Do at Night

What your puppy does at night depends on the age and level of training. Puppies that have already undergone training can comfortably fit in a routine, including using a potty whenever they want to relieve themselves. Their night movements are also minimal because they know how to differentiate bedtime with playtime. They can only be awake and restless when they have a health issue that is making them uncomfortable.

On the other hand, new puppies can frustrate you because they take time to fit in a new environment. Therefore, you should be ready for trying moments if you have just brought in a new puppy in an hour home. You’ll have to endure things such as continuous noise, dog peeing and pooping everywhere, and so on. Until the puppy is thoroughly trained and settles down, you won’t have peace of mind.

However, whether trained or not, puppies have common habits they exhibit at night for varied reasons. Continue reading if you want to know what puppies do at night.


Another thing that puppies do at night is to sleep. Although puppies may be naturally hyperactive and may experience difficulty sleeping at night, they do sleep at night. Dog trainers say that the excess energy that puppies have is because the owners don’t make them exercise. So, they pile up a lot of energy. 

According to them, if you allow your puppy to have some exercise, feed it well, and ensure that its health and potty needs are taken care of, it will definitely fall asleep at night. Even new puppies can sleep as long as you make them as comfortable as possible.

Whining and Barking

A well-trained puppy would cry at night when it wants to pee or when it has health issues that make it uncomfortable. On the other hand, a new puppy is usually restless in the new environment.  So, until it settles down, it will always feel uneasy. 

So, one thing that puppies do at night is to whine and bark. It is usually a trying moment, and as a puppy owner, you will experience sleepless nights. It is a stressful moment because continuous noise from the puppy is usually irritating. You won’t have a moment of peace.


Playing is another everyday activity that puppies do at night. They are usually energetic, and so they happen to be hyperactive even at night. They always extend their excitement even when it is time for them to sleep. 

It is common to find puppies bouncing on and off the walls because they feel like playing. They tend to confuse playtime with bedtime. 

Chewing and Crunching

Chewing and crunching is another thing that puppies do at night when they can’t sleep. By nature, puppies are usually hyper, so some find it hard to sleep even when it is time for bed. So, the majority of them are usually awake and mobile at night.

Since they can’t sleep, they will want to engage themselves. One of the things they do is spend time moving around chewing and crunching things in the house. For instance, if you have any computer cables hanging or lying around somewhere, they become a center of attraction.


Puppies have a habit of peeing every time because of their development needs. They are usually not able to hold urine for a long time like older dogs do. So, they have frequent potty breaks, even at night.


The things your puppy will do at night will always vary depending on the situation. So, it is not easy to predict what it will do because situations change from time to time. Remember that some of the things puppies do at night are not commendable.

The night should be time for sleeping, not just for you, but for your puppy too. If your puppy is finding trouble sleeping at night, it is time to find out how best you can help it adjust to it. It will help it not to mistake playtime with bedtime.

As a puppy owner, you should be aware of things that your puppy does during the night. This way, you will find it easy to point out your puppy’s specific needs and act accordingly.

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