Dog Breed Facts: Whippet Edition

1. Whippets are extremely fast dogs.

Whippets are not the fastest dog breed, though they are closely related to the fastest, the Greyhound. They are the fastest dogs of their size, however. The Whippet is a very small dog that can meet some of the top speeds.

This small dog can meet speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. How they run assists these dogs in being as fast as they are, through a double suspension gallop. The feet of the Whippet go from all being on the ground to all being in the air, almost as if they are jumping when running.

2. The name of the Whippet comes from its speed.

The Whippet is a dog that originated in England. A phrase from older England is “whip it.” The name Whippet is presumed to come from this phrase from older England.

The phrase “whip it” means to go quickly. The phrase was used among horseback riders to whipped the sides of their horses to increase the speeds when they were riding. Other theories do exist for the name of this dog, however. One theory states that the name comes from the word “wappet,” which means a small dog and yips.

3. Whippets have been around since the 1600s.

The first recorded sightings of Whippets are from the early 1600s. This breed was showcased in paintings, sculptures, and pieces of literature. A Whippet was first mentioned specifically in 1610.

The Whippet was not considered its breed of the dog until the 1800s. The Whippet was considered to be a type of hybrid dog before it became its breed. Many believe the ancestry of a Whippet is the cross-breeding between a Greyhound and some type of small terrier.

4. The Whippet was saved for poor people.

The Greyhound was known for being a noble dog that was only owned by the wealthy of Europe. The Whippet was a very similar dog that anyone was able to afford, though. For this reason, many consider the Whippet to be the poor man’s dog.

Whippets were raised to hunt as well, though. They were able to hunt down and bring back rabbits. These rabbits were caught by these “snap dogs” and unable to escape. The dogs also became popularized as racing dogs through their desire to chase flags.

5. The Whippet came to America through the English.

The Whippet came to America through the English, bringing them to the country. Workers in Massachusetts brought these dogs over from England first. Often these workers were those who worked in textile mills when they immigrated to America in the early 1900s.

The Whippet rose in popularity through its introduction to America. The workers would use their day off Sunday to spend time with their dogs, engaging in sports-related activities. The dogs were even put into racing in the towns in Massachusetts, where they were popularized.

6. The Whippet enjoys being lazy.

It is well known that Greyhound is a very lazy dog. Additionally, their closely related relative, the Whippet is also a very lazy dog. It loves nothing more than cuddling or relaxing on the couch or floor of a home.

If you have your dog out for exercise or racing, it will need relaxation soon after. You can be sure that most of the rest of the day after engaging in the activity will be spent resting at home. You should just know your dog will want to relax most of the day.

7. The Whippet can get extremely cold.

It is normal to see a Whippet shivering as if it is extremely cold. In cold or chilly weather, the Whippet can be lost body heat quickly. It has very little body fat on its body.

The Whippet only weighs, at the very most, 30 pounds despite its height. It is very skinny and bony. During the coldest months of the years, it is better to wrap your dog up in a coat or blanket to keep them warm and to avoid them from losing to much body heat.

8. A gene mutation makes Whippets muscular.

Some Whippets are extremely muscular. This is caused by a gene mutation that is seen only in this breed of dog. They are not as popular as other Whippets, unfortunately.

If there are two mutant myostatin genes, you will see a muscular Whippet. A Whippet with this gene is actually must faster for racing as well. Wendy was a Whippet who had this mutation and was considered the strongest dog. The rumors going around claiming the dog was on steroids were simply not true.

9. The Whippet is an extremely popular breed.

The Whippet is one of the most popular breeds around. They are the most popular sighthound that is found in America. They are one of the top 60 breeds of dogs owned by households in America as well.

A Whippet is an extremely cute dog as well. They are so cute that they were unable to be used to portray the aliens in Alien 3. Their walk is simply too adorable to have anyone be scared by this cute dog. This may be one of the reasons why they are so popular.

10. The Whippet is very quiet.

The Whippet is a great dog to have around your family and in the city. They are incredibly quiet dogs that barely make any noise. You can expect that even if you have an intruder, your whippet may not bark.

The Whippet is also a dog that tends to love anyone that it comes into contact with. It does not know a stranger and wants to love on anyone that it meets. You can be sure that this dog will be comfortable around the children that you bring around it.

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