Why Does My Dog Bury Objects?

Dogs were not always the loving, domesticated animals that we now all own and consider a part of the family. Long ago, dogs were wild and they hunted in packs. They hunted for food as they braved other hungry animals who wouldn’t hesitate to attack them.

Dogs buried their food to keep other animals away. It served as a refrigerator of sorts, keeping the bone or meat fresh and the smell out of the air so other animals couldn’t steal their food. Dogs no longer run in packs or hunt for their food.

It seems that dogs needlessly bury things in today’s day and age. We feed our pets, give them attention and love; they want for nothing. Yet the need to bury that bone is still strong for many dogs.

Whether buying a remote in between the sofa cushions or digging up dirt while outside, dogs love digging. Why is there such a strong urge for dogs to bury things when his owners care for him so well? Learn more about your dog’s urges to bury things with the list of fun facts below.

Dogs have many reasons they bury items

Maybe your dog is bored or wants your attention. They’re similar to small kids in that they’ll do whatever they can to acquire your attention.

If you notice your dog playfully ‘burying’ items in between couch cushions, maybe its time to play fetch! Many dogs bury items when they want to play. Give your dog the love and attention that he needs in such a case.

Boredom is one of many reasons why the dog may bury items. There are tons of other reasons why this may happen, of course. Perhaps your dog is hiding his bone from another dog in the home.

Or, it could be good ole instinct kicking in and they’re acting in a way that nature says they should. Some dogs bury things when they are sad or nervous and anxiety kicks in.

The list of reasons why dogs may bury items is long, that’s for certain. It is nothing new and activity that dogs have done for hundreds to thousands of years.

Nothing can remove a dog’s natural urge to bury things. Some dogs love it; not so big of a deal for others. Dogs that enjoy burying items are sure to be great at treeing squirrels should it ever again become a necessity. Always prepared, your dog!

Some dog breeds are prone to burying

Any dog can and will bury his favorite toy or a bone now and again. As mentioned, dogs enjoy burying things for various reasons. Sometimes, it is for the simple pleasure it gives them. However, some breeds are prone to this act, so you can expect it more often.

It is a part of their natural instincts. It is fun. It is soothing. It’s unlikely that anything you do will stop him from burying, except, of course, plenty of training. Which dog breeds are more prone to buying?

Terriers, Beagles, Daschunds, and Basset Hounds are a few breeds that are prone to burying. Own one of these dog breeds? Call a pro trainer for help or prepare for lots of lost, buried-by-the-dog items inside and out of the home.

Reward your dog for good behavior. If digging is something that you’d rather he not, reward him when you command him to stop and he obeys.

I know where it is at

When your dog buries a bone in the yard, he’ll remember its location even if it’s sometime in the future before he retrieves the item. Dogs have a great memory and a keen sense of smell.

They also carefully choose locations they’ll bury bones and other items. Retrieving bones and toys, later on, is simple thanks to these abilities. Can he forget where he’s buried his bone? Of course, he can. But, rest assured his nose will lead the way sooner or later!

And to think. Humans would be happy if only we could remember where we sat our keys in the morning!

It’s safe… For your dog, at least

Many dog owners fear that eating a bone or other item that’s been buried in the ground will harm their pet. Relax; it is usually harmless for a dog to consume buried items.

This is probably something that he shouldn’t do frequently. He may very well overeat or consume dirt or things that he shouldn’t. This can cause an upset tummy and other concerns for the pet.

As mentioned, burying an item serves as a refrigerator of sorts, keeping it cool and safe to eat. So while it may seem dirty and unhealthy to humans, it’s the exact opposite.

Trust your dog’s natural instincts. He may be unable to talk, but he does know a thing or two, though certainly appreciates the extra care.

Digging holes in the yard may prove dangerous to humans, however. Randomly dug holes in the yard may cause accidents. Most people also find the holes to damage the curb appeal of the property.

‘Air burying’ food

It’s like the ‘air guitar,’ only different. If your dog appears to bury his food with imaginary dirt or nudge it away with his nose, call the vet. Although not always a problem, it may very well be a symptom of an illness.

Calling the vet immediately is especially important when other symptoms are present. The sooner he receives medical attention, the better the prognosis.

Symptoms that may indicate a serious health problem include vomiting, lethargy, and behavioral changes. Schedule an appointment with the vet if you notice these symptoms.

Knowing that your pet is safe and healthy is a much better alternative than worry and wonder. Every dog should visit the veterinarian once per year for a checkup, even if he is healthy. This further reduces worry and health risks.

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