Why Does My Dog Crawl Under the Covers?

Reasons why your dog crawls up under the covers

The minute you say bedtime does your cute furry friend dive under the covers? Or when you bring a blanket out to snuggle on the couch, does he burrow underneath? Getting under the covers in one of the most humanlike behaviors that dogs do.

Many dog owners find it cute that their dogs enjoy being under the covers. However, many pet parents do not want to share their covers. They would prefer that the dog sleep somewhere else.

This leads to the question of why do dogs jump on the bed as soon as it is made? Why do they have to dig and mess up the covers? No, it does not have anything to do with your fresh sheets.

Noone seems to have an exact answer on why dogs behave this way. However, dog experts and veterinarians do have several theories on why dogs bury themselves. Let’s take a closer look at some of these theories.

It’s a part of who they are

No one can argue the fact that dogs have strong instincts. Even though dogs are no longer wild animals, they have not forgotten where they came from.

When dogs were free to roam in nature, they would travel to places in packs and live in dens. The dens were places that would protect the pack from the harsh elements and a place to feel safe. Your covers replace that feeling of being in a den.

They will have a sense of protection when they are curling up under the covers.

The instinct to be in a shelter seems to be stronger in some breeds. Dogs who were bred to be small animal hunters such as terriers and dachshunds would tunnel through the ground to reach their prey.

Some of the breeds would also build their den underground. It was closer to their food source and easier to hide. This is why the little dogs tunnel under the covers. It is what they know.

Dogs such as Huskies and Alaskan Malamute enjoy playing under the covers. To find a warm and safe place to rest, they would dig large holes in the snow. They could escape the heavy snow that was falling and the wind. It would protect them for larger animals who could prey upon them.

Just like a baby

Swaddling is a technique that parents use on babies to help calm them. Some dogs prefer this technique for the same reason. The thought behind this is that dogs use the covers to create a swaddling effect.

This, in turn, enables the dog to feel safe and warm. The covers help to calm and soothe the dog. If your dog enjoys his time under the covers, he will most likely enjoy wearing a shirt or a sweater.

The thought process is the same. The sweater wraps around him giving him a sense of security. The clothing will also help him to feel warm and safe.

If your pup has some anxiety issues, burrowing under the covers helps to calm him. If your little pup has a bed, provide extra blankets or towels for him to tunnel under. A pup that feels safe is a happy pup.

They will be fine under the covers

Many pet parents worry that their dogs will suffocate while hiding under all the covers. Dogs are smart animals. They can sense when they are getting too hot or that they are not getting any air.

They will move around and come out when they need to. If you know that your dog will create a mound under your covers, do not make your bedding too tight.

This will allow air to get in under the covers. Also, make certain to check in on him once in a while.

It’s their way of showing affection

Everyone has heard the phrase that a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, they like to thank you for all that you do for them. After all, you are the one who feeds him, walks him, grooms him, and plays with him.

To show his appreciation, he wants to be under the covers with you. This is a way of showing affection.

Another theory is that in the dog’s eyes, you are the leader of his pack. So, being the pack leader, your dog feels the need to be under the covers with you.

Remember dog packs would sleep tightly together. This same instinct is what drives your dog to sleep next to you. So, if you are under the covers, that is where he is going to be. He is going to want to be as close to you as possible.

In the winter, some extra warmth may be nice. Not only does snuggling next to you provide the dog with comfort, but it is instinctual too.

He needs to sleep somewhere else

It is possible to honor your dog’s needs and not have him in your bed. No one ever said that the covers he hides under half to be on your bed. However, let’s admit how hard it is going for him to resist your comfy bed. Anyway, constant training is the best way to get him out of your covers.

Bring his dog bed into your room and make sure he has plenty of covers. Even a sweatshirt that smells like you would work nicely. It makes take some persuasion such as treats to keep him in his bed.

If he has a crate, he may actually prefer sleeping there than in your bed. It is just that your bed is where the covers are. So make sure that he has plenty of covers in his crate.

If you have any empty corner in a room, pile old pillows, blankets, and towels for your dog to enjoy. It does not take too much effort to give your best friend what he wants. A dog that feels safe and comfortable will be a happy dog.

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