Why Does My Dog Drop to the Ground When He Sees Other Dogs?

When humans want to communicate, they will talk to each other. When dogs want to communicate they will use gestures. Maybe lately when out on a walk with your dog, you notice him drop to the ground when he sees other dogs.

Your biggest worry could be whether your dog is doing well. Animal behaviorists are always of the view when dogs fall to the ground when they see each other they are communicating.

Such acts might come across as weird to you and hence you try to figure out why your dog behaves in such a way. Here is what you should know about your dog’s actions.

Your dog just doesn’t want to walk

If you are dealing with a puppy you will notice he gets to lay down most times whether he sees other dogs or not. If such is the case, you then could be dealing with a puppy that is just tired. At a particularly young age, puppies are not yet strong enough.

Therefore whenever you go with them around the block. You will notice he gets to lay down often. For them, they are just communicating and the justice you can do is to carry him or her.

The next your puppy acts in such a way, you now know what to do.

Your dog is just being friendly and wants to play

If the behavior you see with your dog is his front body low and the behind body high. Your dog would be just passing a friendly gesture to other dogs. When your dog moves forward and lays low, fellow dogs will take the gesture as an invitation to play.

The dropping to the ground in dog language means your dog has seen his fellows. You should, however, note, at times there are some other not so friendly reasons behind such a gesture. When your dog wants to play and there is no impending danger you can let him play.

Playing with other dogs is a very important way of socialization for your dog. If the other dogs are just neighborhood dogs you can make them your puppy’s friends and allow them to play. Also if the dog drops to the ground then runs away, such indicators are a sign your dog is for some play.

Another gesture you can use to avoid misinterpretation is watching the ears of the dog. If the ears are so high taking a standing position, the dog might be feeling far way above the rest. On the other hand, if the dog’s ears are low, the dog could be feeling submissive.

On the part of the dogs, there is always a reason behind every behavior they pass across.

If your dog’s behavior when they see other dogs gets to bother you. At times all you should do is talk to an animal behaviorist to help you teach your dog how to ignore.

If you realize once your dog approaches other dogs he or she doesn’t react. Then he has become emotionally mature and is no longer reacting to the presence of other dogs.

Your dog is in fear

When your dog is in fear, at times he is going to fall to the ground. Under socializing at times puts dogs in fear. Therefore the moment they see another dog, for them such encounters are possible threats. If you want to know your dog is in fear, approach him with an arc.

You will realize as you approach him, he will lick his lips. The licking of the lips is a way of the dog trying to calm himself. Taking your dog out on a walk can help him handle issues of fear when meeting with other dogs.

To avoid not socializing your dog, you can try to introduce another dog into the family. However, if your challenge is space, taking him often to the park will work.

Total submission

If your dog falls to the ground and rolls on his back, then he is in total submission mode. The dog will avoid eye contact and will even close his eyes to some extent. In such a status the dog is trying to avoid any form of confrontation. He will even pee a little and tuck his tail.

If your dog is falling the ground in total submission. You might need to look deeper into the impending problem. It could be the neighboring dogs are putting your dog in danger. In your absence, your dog would end up hurt.

There is always a reason behind his inferior actions. Also, an animal behaviorist might teach your dog how to best defend themselves. When your dog seems into too much danger, he will need to stand up for himself.

Reach out to an animal behaviorist

Understanding your dog comes with several aspects. Body language is among the ways through which you can learn your dog best. Learning the behavior of your dog needs some expert help.

While you can do your own research on animal behavior. Getting help from someone who can walk you through the practical part of learning your dog behavior is the best chance ever. There are various aspects of your dog which will be brought to your attention.

You might think you know your dog very well but talking to an expert will open your eyes better.

What you will realize after a consultation with an animal behaviorist is socialization is an important part of your dog. Most dogs who tend to feel inferior are because they have very little socialization. A dog who socializes more and is familiar with the neighborhood dogs will often want to move closer.

The falling to the ground normally happens when the dog is not familiar with the neighborhood or park dogs. Dogs who have become friends will actually tend to move towards each other in a curvy pattern.

When they finally meet, instead of falling to the ground they will look at each other and sniff. Hence showing they are familiar with each other.

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