Why Does My Dog Eat His Food Away From His Bowl?

Dogs are among the most favorite human pets. Therefore you probably want to treat your dog like a human by all means possible. Among the very first steps towards the particular treatment is having your dog eat from a bowl.

However as much as you try, your dog just can’t seem to reciprocate your goodwill and eat from a bowl. Such acts can be frustrating and all you want is to make him lead a human-like life.

Therefore you end up trying to find ways through which you can make your dog eat from his bowl. To help you know why your dog eats away from his bowl, here are some facts you should be aware of.

Evolutionary instinct

Dogs belong in the wolf family. Wolves are pack animals and the behavior in the pack is at all times different from at home. Therefore experts have always been of the view that dogs will always from time to time display pack mentality.

You see, in the pack, life is all about survival for the fittest. Therefore when an animal in the pack comes across food, he or she is most likely to move aside so that he can feast on the meal.

The behavior of your dog eating his food away from his bowl is somehow a replica of what the dog would do in a pack.

Therefore you require to know such facts so as not to find your dog weird. Moving his food away from his bowl is probably his evolutionary instincts kicking in.

Animals that are not great fighters in the pack will always eat food away from the rest.

The reason behind such acts being, avoidance of fights with very strong animals. While there are no animals to fight while at home, these traits will from time to time come by.

Scary sound of metallic bowls

When a dog eats from a metallic bowl the noise the bowl makes might be startling. Metallic bowls, unlike plastic bowls, make very disturbing sounds. If your dog has a vaccine tag or an ID tag, when they eat, the tag will keep hitting the bowl.

The more the tag hits the bowl, the ‘scary’ the noise the bowl makes becomes. Therefore your dog might just want to enjoy some peace and quiet while eating. If peace and quiet can’t be found in the bowl, the dog will always find other ways to enjoy a meal.

Therefore if you are a fan of metallic bowls, then you can change and find a nice plastic bowl for your dog. With time you might be in shock to realize your dog no longer eats away from his bowl. Plastic bowls are cheaper than metallic bowls, you can always find one in your nearest shop.

All you have to do is shop around. Another perfect suggestion would be, improvise with your home plastic bowls. If you have a bowl you have been wondering how to use, now you know-how.

Lack of company

If your dog is a company sucker, you are not going to be successful letting him eat alone. Sometimes if you are in the dining room and you let your dog eat by the door, you will notice he will get his food from his bowl and move closer.

Once your dog is so familiar with you, they will become suckers for your attention. They want the same treatment which you get to accord family members.

If you are eating in the dining room, you should consider having your dog closer. Give your dog company during meal times and you don’t have to worry about him eating away from his bowl.

Many dogs or pets in the home

Also, the pack mentality tends to crop in most times when there are many pets in the home. Your dog will always feel like there is not enough to eat and they have to hide. Pulling the food away from their bowl is a way of securing what they have.

Even though you could be having more than enough to eat, when dogs are in the presence of other animals they will feel the urge to hide.

The hiding to them will make them feel safe knowing full well no other animal will pounce on their food. Therefore if you recently brought home a new pet, a cat maybe.

Be certain your dog is just acting like he could in a pack. There is nothing much to worry about such behavior, he will eventually come around once they are familiar with the new cat or dog. However even people with just one dog can still experience such behavior.

Keeping a watch of their meals

Most people get to laugh when they are told their dog eats his food away from his bowl to keep watch of the rest. Well sometimes when your dog wants to have every last of their meals, they will eat away from the bowl.

You will notice whenever your dog eats away from their bowl, one eye remains on the food in the bowl.

You will even realize the dog doesn’t take the food so far, just a few inches so as eyes can remain on the food in the bowl.

The dog wants the family feeling

Once you have a pup, he becomes family. He wants to eat in your presence and do most of the stuff which a normal family does.

Therefore if you are looking to have your dog eat in their bowl, you might have to allow him in the dining room. Have his bowl lay closer to you or your family members when you eat and everything else will be smooth flowing.

Such facts should now let you know, your dog is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with him. Once in a while no matter what you do, his evolutionary instincts are going to kick in and you have to bear with him. He is family but sometimes he just needs to be himself.

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