Why Does Your Dog Like to Lick Things So Often?

Anyone that has been around a dog for more than just a little bit can tell you that they are animals who love to lick things.

The question has always been, why exactly do they display this behavior? The truth of the matter is they may be displaying this behavior for a variety of reasons, although several reasons may be far more likely than others.

If you have been experiencing problems with your dog’s excessive licking, then in this article, we will help to show you some of the most common reasons for this type of behavior in animals.

Top reasons why your dog is licking excessively

Dogs are amazing pets. They can help to keep you company. The only problem is that occasionally they display behaviors that are not pleasant for you.

Getting licked by a dog for just a little while is not a big deal, but whenever they are doing it constantly. It can become incredibly annoying very quickly. There is a reason that your dog is displaying this behavior.

Although it will be different from dog to dog. So here are five of the biggest reasons why a dog may start to display maladaptive behavior such as excessive licking.

It could be that they enjoyed the taste of what they are licking

Perhaps the simplest explanation is that whenever they started to lick whatever it is that they are licking, they discovered that they enjoyed the taste. Whenever a dog enjoys the flavor that something has, they can get transfixed by licking it for hours.

These can be things that we, as humans, cannot possibly imagine as having a pleasant aroma or taste.

For dogs, their experience of flavor is entirely different. So things that are strange to us will be delicious to them. Try to remove the object that is so enticing. Should stop that behavior.

They may have simply developed a habit of licking

Human beings are not the only creature that can develop habits. In fact. Most animals can develop habits. Dogs are no exception.

Whenever a dog is licking things obsessively, there is a good chance that they have simply developed the habit.

You may not have realized it whenever they were a puppy, but maybe you encouraged them to lick you because you thought it was cute. This behavior has simply persisted into adulthood. You should be able to rectify this behavior by starting to train them.

Using positive reinforcement whenever they display behaviors that you would rather them adopt to replace their licking habit.

Dogs will lick you a lot if they are trying to be affectionate

Dogs do not give kisses, but they are well known to lick things that they love. If you have been a good owner, then your dog probably is, to some extent, infatuated with you.

It is not uncommon for a dog to lick their owner whenever they get home from work, for example, to display some type of affection for them. Submission. Nature has a way of helping creatures to adapt to changes.

Whenever dogs were raised in the wild, they would only let each other if they were submitting to a more dominant member of the pack.

There is likely a similar psychological occurrence happening whenever they are licking you. They are letting you know that they care about you. That you are the boss of them. Just be happy that they are willing. They should be respectful to you.

Sometimes dogs may lick to calm themselves down from anxiety

The complex emotional lives of dogs involve many emotions. If there is something that is frightening occurring outside of your houses, such as a thunderstorm. It could be from any other large noise. Then you will probably get the chance to see your dog overreact to the event.

Dogs will react to anxiety in many different ways; some of them may howl incessantly. While others may run around the house to find a hiding spot. Some might cower in fear.

Sometimes dogs will start to lick themselves. They lick inanimate objects. They could run to find you. For whatever reason. It is believed that this is a leftover trait from you. It is more common whenever the dogs are younger.

Licking their owner can help calm them down so they may start to try. They might seek you out to give you dog kisses because it is comforting to them. Not to you. While this may not be the most enjoyable behavior if your dog truly is stressed out.

They are anxious than you need to either let them do this behavior to calm themselves down or find a way to calm them down without that behavior. Once the thing that is bothering them has left, they should calm down.

Your dog also may be either bored or anxious. Lick to occupy themselves

On top of anxiety, dogs also need stimulation. If they are not getting enough stimulation throughout their day-to-day activities, then they can get bored. This is not good for the mental or physical health of your pet.

Sometimes in an attempt to help relieve the boredom that they are experiencing from having such a dull life with a little activity, they can start to lick things to occupy themselves.

This type of behavior is not a huge deal, but it is a sign that you need to be trying to get them outside of the house more often. Once you have started to improve, the amount of stimulation that is present in their lives in this type of behavior should start to slow down or even stop entirely.

The good thing to know is that while it is not an enjoyable behavior to live with at the end of the day, it should not truly cause anyone or anything any unless they are allergic to the dog’s saliva.

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