Why Does Your Dog Love Some Dogs but Hate Other Dogs?

Dogs are social creatures. They are much like people; they will develop their own opinions of other dogs. Sometimes they may fall in love with another dog for seemingly no reason while others may seem to be wary of or even aggressive towards.

It can be confusing as the pet owner to see your dog respond seemingly erratically towards other animals. You should not be startled to see this type of behavior from your pet.

Humans do not love every single other person they interact with, so why would you expect your dog to as well? You need to socialize your dog, though, because they need to get along with all dogs, including the ones that they do not like.

The importance of socialization for your dog

You need to put in the time to socialize them properly. If you do not socialize them, then they can become very aggressive to other dogs. Sometimes they will be towards other people.

Once a dog developed this type of behavior, it can be almost impossible to make it go away. It is far easier to start whenever they are very young. Raise them to be friendly towards other people.

Animals by socializing them. If your dog does seem to display some kind of negative attitude towards another, then there could be a few reasons for this, especially if they are not acting in this way all of the time.

Top reasons your dog loves or hates another dog

Dogs are complex creatures that formulate their own opinions of others. You should not be surprised if you find that your dog has been friendly with some dogs but disrespectful towards others.

There are probably things going on you are not aware of in the dog world, but with a little bit of knowledge, you should be able to pick up on it the next time your dog starts to act that way.

Your dog has some kind of positive or negative innate feelings towards the new one

Sometimes you may meet a new person. Even though you do not know anything about them, you can tell that you two are going to be great friends. Other times you may have the experience of meeting someone. Automatically knowing that you will not get along.

Dogs can have this same experience too. Whatever they need another dog, sometimes they may just really like them right off the bat even though they do not know each other.

Other times the exact opposite may happen. This is natural. As long as your dog is socialized, they should behave.

The new dog may have poor manners towards your dog

If you find out that your dog is reacting aggressively towards another dog but does not act that way towards any other animal, there is a good chance that the new dog was disrespectful to yours.

Whenever this happens in the animal world, the proper response is always going to be to fight or intimidate the offending party.

Your dog may be particularly friendly with certain breeds and aggressive with others

Some preliminary studies have shown that dogs can recognize other animals that are of the same breed.

Can even show a bias towards their breed. Dogs are also able to recognize other breeds as well.

Sometimes a dog me particularly falls in love with a specific breed of dog. Always reacts incredibly friendly toward stocks of that breed while they show the exact opposite towards others.

Your dog may be trying to protect you from the other dog

Dogs earned the title of man’s best friend for a reason. They can be incredibly protective of their owners. If they are acting aggressively towards another dog, they may think that they need to protect you from the threat of that dog, or they could even be afraid that that dog is going to try.

Take you away from them. In addition to feeling protective of their owner’s dogs can also fill possessive of them.

They could be reading your attitude and reacting to it

Even though dogs may not speak fluent English, that does not mean they do not understand their owners.

They are more adept at understanding nonverbal communication than they are understanding verbal to the occasion. This means that if you are in a bad mood, your dog can probably tell.

They may assume that it is from the other dog that is present. Hate them for putting you in a bad mood.

The gender of the other dog can influence your dog’s feelings towards it

Sometimes dogs may love a particular gender of dog. This is common for male dogs, especially if they have not been fixed.

They may act incredibly aggressive towards other male dogs but to be the sweetest thing in the world towards female dogs. It should make sense as to why it is this way. It is the result of evolutionary adaptations to enhance their competitiveness in attracting mates.

Your pet has had either good or bad experiences in the past. They are reminded of that situation

Unless you got your dog as soon as they were first born, then they had had some type of life before you were a part of it. Sometimes this does not mean anything good, unfortunately.

However, cruel it is, some dogs may have gotten bullied by other dogs whenever they were at the shelter.

If they went to this kind of experience, it should come as no surprise they are either afraid or aggressive towards other dogs.

They might have even had bad owners if you got them from someone else that did not socialize them properly or even abusive to them. This kind of behavior should improve with time as long as they are in a loving home.

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